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The Importance of MSC in Customizing A Blythe

I mentioned in an earlier post that I probably wouldn’t use the Mr.Super Clear Matte sealer again because of its extreme nastiness and health warnings.  Well, I’ve done an about face on that.   129 more words


A Doll House for Birdie

So… remember how this blog’s name is Project Doll House? Mainly because I started it thinking I would make a doll house (I am an architect by day… really, this should be easy). 711 more words



I just have to be honest with you up front- I’m stalling.  I need to be working on Custom #4.  But the creative juices are still bubbling away in my head and havn’t hit on just what it is I want to do with her so ..here I am. 61 more words


Pretty things

Reese (WW) wearing a petite creayations dress, lace socks, and dark teal Mary Janes.

My Blythe Adores Anna wearing a dress shirt i purchased from etsy, white socks, and rement brown boots. 10 more words


Blythe Faces

I’ve been looking at a lot of faces. Blythe faces of course. Makeup, eyes, lips, chins, nose. There are so many different expressions I’m finding it very hard to decide what direction I want to do next. 437 more words


DONE! But only just begun

I did it. I dove in and did it. It was hard. It was easy. I learned lots but I have lots more  to learn. 895 more words


Eleven Blythes!?!

I’m not sure how it happened but all of a sudden I’m up to 11 Blythes! Only 2 have arrived but I have 9 more on order.   243 more words