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Blythe Fashion Trend 2018

By Di Mu

Dear Blythe hobbyists, 2018 is just around the corner! Do you want your Blythe baby to be the shiniest fashion star among the crowd? 411 more words

Blythe Fashion

How to Take Care of Blythe’s Hair

By Di Mu

Have you been frustrated by Blythe’s frizzy, brittle hair? Do you know how to moisturize, and strengthen it? Following the tips below will restore the shine and smoothness of your little baby’s hair! 492 more words


Blythe Dolls Purchase 101

By Amy Chiu

Five questions you should ask before shopping for Blythe:

“I found these cute dolls on Instagram and I really want mine!”

“I am pretty new to Blythe… How should I start?

1,537 more words

New girl

My first Factory Blythe arrived today!!! I bought her from a seller on ebay called yiyimylove  She was for auction, starting bid was $51.99 USD including shipping. 312 more words


Licca and Blythe proportions

Update (8/2/17):

A blythe doll foot (tbl body) in a pair of Licca flats.^ there’s quite a bit of gappage. The shoes don’t look terrible on blythe feet, but if you hold the doll, the shoes will sort of dangle off their feet. 276 more words


Not quite as planned

I made it to a beach this weekend, and I even brought my newest blythe with me for photos… but I didn’t take any. I think maybe I don’t like the idea of Blythe dolls and the beach – maybe it’s the sand, the glaring sun, and the sea water, and how all of those things can potentially do some damage. 174 more words


No pressure

I’ve been passive in the blythe hobby as of late. The slump lasted pretty much a year – in part because of the cost of the hobby, the lack of a community in my immediate vicinity, all of the adjustments I’ve had to make because of the move, needing to juggle new responsibilities, which left me with little free time, and new interests. 461 more words