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Slowly packing up my life

It’s weird, but I feel like my move is kind of the start of a new chapter in the story of my life (lol I couldn’t think of a better way to phrase it). 465 more words


Meet Cherie Babette

Say Hello to Cherie Babette, aka Babette (until I can find a better name)

She arrived about a month and some change ago! She’s such a beauty! 45 more words


See You Soon

Me: It’s just a few days Lottie. I’ll be back on Friday, I promise.

Lottie: I don’t understand why you can’t take me with you. 54 more words

1:6 Doll

Weekend rituals and life in general

Every weekend, I try to redress my dolls, that way I can figure out what items in the doll wardrobe I love, get a better sense of what things go together, and it’s quite relaxing to redress them while sipping a glass of wine and watching some YouTube videos. 349 more words



Lottie: “Get me on my good side!”

Me: “Alright. Alright. Now which side may that be?”

Lottie: “Uhhh HELLO, Isn’t it obvious?!!”

Me: “I just wanted to make sure, jeez.” 39 more words

1:6 Doll

Who You Looking At?

Lottie: “Um, Sarah why are they looking at me like that?”

Me: “They might be jealous of your swing.”

Lottie: “Well they should be, because it’s a lot of fun.” 20 more words

1:6 Doll