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A newly discovered love

Even though I have started this blog adventure with crochet in mind, I always knew it would not be limited to that theme alone. My focus tends to flow around several… 491 more words


Crochet in Miniature - Lace Skirt

Ravelry is an awesome resource for crocheters and knitters, especially when it comes to free patterns. I recently made a dress following this pattern, and while it is really pretty, I am not particularly fond of the silhouette for my girls. 268 more words


Blythe on Vacation

I’ve been taking it (real) easy these past few days – after the reroot, I kind of ran out of steam. Subsequently, I kind of sort of tapped out of the ADAD challenge, which in my defense, I’m not sure I’m cut out for it. 411 more words


Nanuka & Little Red

I’m finally back from my work trip, so I wanted to introduce to everyone a very special visitor from late last year – Little Red Riding Hood by Nanuka 298 more words


Rerooting Misadventures

I finished the reroot, thanks to my impatience and obsessive tendency to want to complete my projects as soon as possible. I ran into a few problems though, and I would consider my first reroot as a failure… I definitely learned a lot from it though, and I’m confident I can do better next time (… If there is a next time D:). 548 more words


Rerooting Adventures

For the past couple of week or so, I’ve been working on a saran reroot for Rory. There are quite a few tutorials and resources out there for doll reroots, but I figured one more Blythe-centric reroot post wouldn’t hurt! 996 more words


A Doll A Day - Week One

I might have mentioned this before, but I decided to try a doll photo challenge! The one I am attempting is A Doll A Day, which I guess I was technically supposed to start on January 1st (oops). 219 more words