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Nothing but hauls

My sister gave me an etsy gift card for my birthday, which was both awesome and not so awesome. Awesome because I love Etsy and shopping for doll things. 188 more words


Happy Valentine's day!

Coralie wearing LIV doll boots, tights, shirt, vest and scarf. A tutu I made, a hat given to me in my winter holiday Blythe swap, and some new glasses from my Valentines day Blythe swap!


Pretty, small lady

I can already tell she will be wearing nothing but dark colors… which is interesting! I don’t think I have another doll where I feel compelled to strictly dress them in black. 27 more words


Blythe meets BJD world

I went to a doll meet today (40 scary minutes on the freeway D:), and it was an experience. The breakdown was like 90% BJD or Dolfie Dream, 8% azone, 2% other. 164 more words


My girl with all special chips

I entered the lottery on Junie Moon for the Anna Sui collaboration (Blythe adores Anna) thinking there’s no way I would ever win because:



Subject: 2006 Neo Blythe Doll, portraying Anne Bolelyn.

Short Film: Anne

Doll Photography


Elowyn in a dress by Sleepforever and a minijijo tutu.

I’ve owned Elowyn, my stock Cherie Babette, for almost a whole year. She was released on my birthday, and she’s the first and only translucent FBL, which is one of my favorite molds. 69 more words