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Highlights from Today's Blythe Meet

Chantillly Lace Custom

K07doll Custom

K-Dolls Heaven Custom

Laura Liquirizia Custom

Tons o’ fun, and quite the turn-out for today’s Blythe Meet. I was stoked to have been able to see a K07doll custom in person (the blue haired custom on the upper right), and I can confirm that the doll is amazingly cute in person as it is in photos ^^. 72 more words


New stuff :3

I’ve moved, gotten my animals settled, and am slowly unpacking all my dolly and craft supplies.

I made a few eBay purchases. 2 have arrived and I’m still waiting on 2, but I’m so freakin’ happy with these, I needed to share. 224 more words


Sock progress

The Knitpicks bare sock yarn I recently dyed is slowly but surely becoming a sock!

I’m really enjoying knitting with this ball of yarn! I like when there’s a row of very saturated color – it’s so happy :3. 148 more words


Doll Shelf Goals

I’ve learned that I value variety in my Blythe collection. It’s easier for me to justify adding a new blythe to the family if I don’t already own a similar doll. 329 more words


Procrastinating by way of dolly photography

I haven’t changed out my girls’ outfits this week, but it was surprisingly sunny today (weather.com said it would rain all day).

And now back to the boring real life stuff.


Blythe: London with Cherry Blossom Tree

櫻花樹~ 我又來探望你啦 \(^0^)/
也得和娃娃好好的相處一下啦 :D

每天看到它其實也覺得它跟之前不一樣的呢 ^_^
這次 “撞色” 一下,
再配上深粉紅色的裙子 :P

可按一下以上相片 ^_^



That’s right! My second girl is on the way home! She is a customized fake blythe, a really pretty girl made by Lúcia. As soon as I saw her for adoption on FB I didn’t think at all and just messaged her previous owner. 193 more words

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