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Doctor, Does Your BM Stink????

Yes, you read that correctly. The first question I ask every doctor when interviewing them to join my medical team is whether their BM stinks. Before I will put any doctor on my medical team, they must answer this simple question. 1,973 more words

Yemen'de düğüne Suudi bombardımanı: 131 ölü

Suudi Arabistan liderliğindeki koalisyonun bombardımanı, Yemen’deki bir düğüne töreninde, aralarında çocuk ve kadınların da olduğu en az 131 kişiyi öldürdü. Bombalı saldırıda onlarca kişi yaralanırken, ölü sayısının artmasından endişe ediliyor. 240 more words


Temple of Promise II

Metal skeleton,

mouth agape and now swirling,

you mimic my joy.

Creative Writing

The Temple of Promise I

I rarely premise a Letter from the Playa with any sort of introduction. However, the Temple of Promise going down this year really shaped my entire experience and I wanted to deconstruct that effect it had on me with a minimalist approach. 102 more words

Creative Writing

4th Databeers

Yesterday I participated in the 4th Databeers event held at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.

My talk was based on our latest research article for the… 107 more words


Ewa Michalak: a study of styles

The world of Polish bras can be overwhelming at best when you first enter into it. The language seems confusing, the sizing even more so. And then just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you begin to notice a combination of letters beside every Ewa Michalak bra you see. 1,496 more words

Polish Bras

The Flying Embers

If I release the utterings,
(which I am deathly afraid to do)
articulation unfolds the light,
from it springs music,
LED ropes, fired hula hoops, 132 more words

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