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Man Shall Not Live on Bread Alone

She’s always on my case. Always checking up on me and telling me to eat. Bread isn’t good enough. I need more nutrition. More bacon. More pizza. 35 more words


MiG-31BM; pt.9

Hey everyone!

You have probably noticed lately, that the photos on my blog got pretty small and if you could click on them before, to get the full size, it isn’t so anymore. 573 more words

Scale Model

BM - Tips for writing

This are some tips to help students in coming up ideas for the paragraph in factual essay. I got the info from FB and consolidated them into Power Point slides. 85 more words

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BM - 8 Peribahasa with pictures

Created a sheet for my girls to write the contoh ayat beside each pictures. Click to download.


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BM Karangan - Cita-cita Saya

Aiks, fire fighting.. need to teach my girl this karangan, and I prefer to use slides to help them brainstorm, then only show them to final picture of the so call mind map. 13 more words

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