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Destiny: Calculated BM on an AFK

Game: Destiny
Category: BM
Beauty: 7.5/10
Opponents Skill: N/A


This clip proves that there is always a creative way to BM. There is something oddly satisfying about the rhythm in this clip. 41 more words

Starcraft 2: BM isn't a choice, it's a lifestyle.

Game: Starcraft 2
Category: BM
Beauty: 8/10
Opponents Skill: 7.5/10


In Terran vs. Terran, the early game micro war between Reapers is pretty important. So when you… 65 more words

Laster - Ons vrije fatum - Dunkelheit Produktionen

Is atmospheric BM an oxymoron?

By playing the newest album of Laster from Netherlands one question imposes: where does the black metal ends and another style commences? 384 more words


K.A.R.D - Don't Recall

tteoreojyeo jullae jeori gajullae
jjajeungnanikka bulgyeolhanikka
chiwo nae mome sondaeji ma
ije nan neoreul molla
neo yeoksido moreuncheokhae nal
 da andaneun nunbit deoreoun neukkim
 neukkigo sipji anha… 307 more words

[Review] KARD plays another winning hand with 'Don't Recall'

After slaying the ears, minds and hearts of everyone worldwide, the impressive co-ed group, KARD, return with their second pre-debut project in the form of ‘Don’t Recall’, and the follow up does not disappoint. 321 more words


Ranked: B&M Inverted Coasters

B&M Inverted roller coasters are an easy “must ride” whenever I visit a park. Seeing news about Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Great America on TV for the first time was a memory written in stone. 103 more words

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