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Quebec grocery prices going up for first time in 12 months

The cost of groceries is going up in Quebec for the first time in approximately a year.

According to a recent study published by BMO Capital Markets, the cost of a basket of groceries went up by 1.3 per cent in June over the previous month. 234 more words


A Sensation of Black Women

Yesterday I created the collective noun for Black women while quote-replying to an awesome tweet. Check it out:

LOTS of Black women. Not just one or two.

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A Sensation of Black Women

Yesterday I created the collective noun for Black women while quote-replying to an awesome tweet. Check it out: https://twitter.com/AwakeBlackWoman/status/855644312888946688 I have no idea if we’ve been collective noun’d before and if so, what was the word chosen, but I think mine is pretty awesome! A Sensation of Black Women Here’s a a few from This List Of Collective Names For People: A lying of pardoners, a misbelief of painters, a superfluity of nuns (my fave, of course from that list lol!) Just when I’d decided to do stream of consciousness and/or news snippets from my life type of posts – designed to keep me from losing this writer’s block battle I’m continuously fighting – along comes my gorgeous brain and here we are! Since it’s my collective noun, I’ll set the rules. Where two Black women or more are gathered – doing ANYHING – you know, breathing etc. We are heretofore and henceforth deemed: A Sensation. My first thought since the original tweet was urging the media to hire Black women, I was thinking along the lines of 7-10 in one go. Imagine hundreds, thousands….. millions. ehhh been there, done that ;p ______________________________________

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Apple's about to get a second bite at the iPhone

”There’s a good deal of pressure on the iPhone 8,” Emily Bary writes for Barron’s. “After disappointing upgrade cycles following the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 launches, there are a lot of old phones out there. 145 more words


iPhone installed base can drive Apple toward goal of doubling 'Services' business

”BMO Capital Markets’ Tim Long takes a fresh look at Apple on Monday through a new ‘one stock, one theme’ series, focusing on Apple’s iPhone installed base,” Teresa Rivas reports for Barron’s. 197 more words


Apple stock price pauses after hitting all-time high

”Consumer electronics giant Apple took a breather Friday, a day after it reached record high of 137.48,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “Apple, down slightly for much of the day, closed up 0.1% to 136.66 on the stock market today. 192 more words