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Quebec grocery prices going up for first time in 12 months

The cost of groceries is going up in Quebec for the first time in approximately a year.

According to a recent study published by BMO Capital Markets, the cost of a basket of groceries went up by 1.3 per cent in June over the previous month. 234 more words


A Sensation of Black Women

Yesterday I created the collective noun for Black women while quote-replying to an awesome tweet. Check it out:

LOTS of Black women. Not just one or two.

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A Sensation of Black Women

Yesterday I created the collective noun for Black women while quote-replying to an awesome tweet. Check it out: https://twitter.com/AwakeBlackWoman/status/855644312888946688 I have no idea if we’ve been collective noun’d before and if so, what was the word chosen, but I think mine is pretty awesome! A Sensation of Black Women Here’s a a few from This List Of Collective Names For People: A lying of pardoners, a misbelief of painters, a superfluity of nuns (my fave, of course from that list lol!) Just when I’d decided to do stream of consciousness and/or news snippets from my life type of posts – designed to keep me from losing this writer’s block battle I’m continuously fighting – along comes my gorgeous brain and here we are! Since it’s my collective noun, I’ll set the rules. Where two Black women or more are gathered – doing ANYHING – you know, breathing etc. We are heretofore and henceforth deemed: A Sensation. My first thought since the original tweet was urging the media to hire Black women, I was thinking along the lines of 7-10 in one go. Imagine hundreds, thousands….. millions. ehhh been there, done that ;p ______________________________________

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Apple's about to get a second bite at the iPhone

”There’s a good deal of pressure on the iPhone 8,” Emily Bary writes for Barron’s. “After disappointing upgrade cycles following the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 launches, there are a lot of old phones out there. 145 more words


iPhone installed base can drive Apple toward goal of doubling 'Services' business

”BMO Capital Markets’ Tim Long takes a fresh look at Apple on Monday through a new ‘one stock, one theme’ series, focusing on Apple’s iPhone installed base,” Teresa Rivas reports for Barron’s. 197 more words


Apple stock price pauses after hitting all-time high

”Consumer electronics giant Apple took a breather Friday, a day after it reached record high of 137.48,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “Apple, down slightly for much of the day, closed up 0.1% to 136.66 on the stock market today. 192 more words


Apple's iPhone outsold an entire holiday quarter of Google's Pixel phone in just 27 hours

”Estimating Alphabet to have sold 900K Pixel units in Q4 2016, analyst Daniel Salmon calculates 6M shipments for the current year, a figure that is calculated to represent approximately 0.4% smartphone market share,” Eric McCaffrey reports for Seeking Alpha. 74 more words


Apple iPhone achieves 'an impossible dream'

Ewan Spence writes for Forbes, “Even though it looks like an impossibility, the latest report from BMO Capital Markets suggests that Apple has taken 103.6 percent of the industry’s profit.” 177 more words