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Elijah's Big Adventure - Taking A Break And Starting A Blog

Today I am taking a break and starting this blog. I wish that I could have journaled or blogged or recorded my feelings and experiences along the way. 333 more words


Maybe the Cancer part is done...but my story isn't finished yet.

Thursday I went to the doctor and finally got some amazing news!

They finally got my chimerism back which showed that I was at 100 percent donor. 478 more words

Happy New Birthday to Me? A post by Beck

Knowing that I wanted to do a post on Thoughts of a Domesticated Dad, I have been trying to work out my own moniker—-what do I go by?  616 more words

Family Life

Traveling healthy? Is that a thing?



How this differs from the “nutritionist” you may ask? A nutritionist can be ANYONE: i.e. 701 more words


Because If I Don't Write This Down, I'll Forget All About It.

The title says it all. On June 21st, 2016, I had a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and tubes put it both of my ears. It’s been a little over a week and even though some parts of the recovery process are improving, for the most part it is still pretty awful. 1,549 more words

POP Caption Dump

Trying to clean up my feed so just gonna dump my caption here.
POP lo!!! (Didn’t manage to find everyone when we took the photo but this shall suffice) 442 more words

A Different Perspective

Until today I hadn’t really considered what it must be like to be the doctor carrying out a bone marrow biopsy. From a patient’s perspective its obviously not very pleasant and rather painful most of the time but what about for the doctor? 570 more words