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Finally, a F#*!ing Diagnosis

Seven and a half weeks after our exciting trip to the ER, three bone marrow biopsies and four platelet transfusions later, we pretty much already knew what we were dealing with when we got the call from the specialist at the university research hospital. 228 more words

Aplastic Anemia

A Little Knowledge

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” wrote Alexander Pope in 1709. Pope didn’t mean don’t learn something new; he meant learn deeply or not at all. 456 more words

Aplastic Anemia

Basic Training-Reception

Hello all,

I’ve been gone a hot minute and feel bad about not updating. I ended up with an injury and just had to postpone life and writing. 441 more words



The hematologist/oncologist was hoping the low cell lines were just a result of some virus my husband had had without knowing it or possibly a Vitamin B-12 deficiency. 515 more words

Aplastic Anemia

Military long hairs

The struggle is real.

Disclaimer – I love my thick, dark hair. It barely gets damaged and I wake up with straight, slightly wavy hair every day. 670 more words

Life with a hint of Lysol

I prefer to think of myself more as a Kate Spade Live Colorfully kind of girl or perhaps even a touch of Chanel No. 5, but alas the scent that lingers is a hint of Lysol. 572 more words


“We know the dirty secret: You don’t battle cancer. You don’t fight it. If cancer wants you, it walks into your room at night and just takes you.

896 more words