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48 days

As the days go by it gets easier. i guess im getting better at distracting myself. The first couple of days gets you because it’s new and you dont know what to expect. 40 more words


A Child's Battle for a Normal Life--Thanksgiving!

At 6:30 AM, it’s quiet around our rented vacation home in Salt Lake City, as I begin my 69th Thanksgiving. A good time to reflect on all the things I, and we, should be thankful for…but, foremost, we’re all alive and together as a family! 288 more words

Our Other Lives

Chapter 4 - Back to BMT

Here I am, after two weeks of confinement in BMT. It’s my first full confinement period, so I faced the same longing for home as my section mates but things are really different as a recoursee. 1,170 more words


BMT (Enhanced Leadership – 9 weeks) Week 3-6 reflection. Coverage - IMT, BTP, Route March, Field Camp

Booking out is indeed one of the best feeling you can get in BMT, though probably second to POP.

I did all the stuff most people would do on their book outs, go back and see my family members, satisfy all food cravings, met up with some of my friends, spend some time on the computer, buy all the other necessity (snacks!) for booking in, and lastly, checking clear. 2,650 more words


Benton MacKaye Trail

The Benton MacKaye Trail is a 288 mile foot path sharing its southern terminus with the Appalachian Trail at Springer Mountain in Georgia. It traverses through North Carolina as well and ends at Davenport Gap in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in Tennessee. 252 more words

Some points on the Selected reading (on BMT)

  1. On Prospect of Islamic Microfinance Institutions in Scale Microby Lasmiatun
  • BMT model has two function; social and business function. It is one of the most strategic way in alleviating poverty.
  • 551 more words

Chapter 2 - OOT

New week back in BMT. Got to book in back at 0730, taking the first ferry back into Tekong. A little rejuvenated after the break from BMT but I can’t help but worry what’s going to happen. 2,401 more words