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RB26 S13 - New Box, Cams and Straps

There hasn’t been many upgrades on the S13 this year, mostly just rebuild bits. These few bits were the end of that. 820 more words


RB26 S13 - Upcoming Plans

The next 3 months are going to get very busy for the S13. 1,221 more words


RB26 S13 - Rear Tub Rework Part 1

Sorry I didn’t get this up last week, I had a few things on and didn’t get around to posting it.

One of the reasons my gearbox blew up in December was because of the rear tubs. 839 more words


RB26 S13 - More Black!

A few engine bits got some black treatment over the past 2 weeks. 765 more words


RB26 S13 - What Now?

You might be wondering why I haven’t posted much on this car lately, here’s your answer. 1,532 more words