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How to overcome your procrastination?

I recently viewed a webinar of Jomar Hilario entitled: Your ingredients to success: 10 powerful thoughts to overcome procrastination and fear to enjoy a year of freedom and success. 293 more words

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Become a Multi-Millionaire by Investing in the Stock Market

In my Budgeting and Savings post, I proposed that you allocate a Future Fund from your budget. I call this a Future Fund, because this is something you save for your future, maybe 10 to 20 years down the road. 1,421 more words

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Hidden signs that you are a poor person (Mga nakatagong senyales na ikaw ay isang mahirap)

Poverty is a disease. A pandemic disease. For example, the dreaded disease: cancer. We must know the underlying causes of cancer. And of course, to treat that disease, we must first know that you have the disease. 2,373 more words



Part of my early morning routine is to read emails from mentors. This one struck me the most and I’d like to share it with you. 407 more words

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On Giving, Tithing and The Feast

This is not common to a lot of Catholics and I’m pretty sure that a lot will be surprised by this. At the Feast, we were taught to give tithes. 1,235 more words


Financial Independence for You and Your Family

I have been working for more than 4 years and for most of it I wasn’t able to save as much as I can. I do not regret it though because I spent most of my hard earned money traveling as much as I can. 643 more words


4 Achievable Qualities to become Truly Rich

Recently, I have been reading Bo Sanchez – 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich. I am sharing to you my readers the four main things I got from the book. 242 more words

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