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Money is NOT the most important

This blog is primarily about money.

But I’ve got a shocker.

Money is not the most important thing!

But literacy about it is my advocacy because, whether we like it or not, money has huge impact in all areas of anyone’s life. 291 more words

Parenting Lessons

Paano ba mag simula sa Stock Market?

Base sa experience ko nakita ko lang sa Google about sa Stock Market. Nagkaroon ako ng idea ang ng mapunta ko sa page ni Bro. Bo. 305 more words

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Stock Market Investing has never been this Super Easy!

Photo courtesy: http://www.frugalrules.com/

Unlike before, investing in the Philippine Stock Market is within any person’s reach. People do transactions using their smart phones. I do that, too. 323 more words

Money Matters

Globe Sucks

“Globe sucks!”

“It is the worst internet company on the planet!”

“Globe charges are unreasonable!”

These are some complaints I found on Facebook.

“I hope President Duterte does something with the problem with Globe!” another person posted. 312 more words

Money Matters

Stock market can be scary

Stock Market can be scary. Before I submitted my application form, it took me hundreds of years to decide about it. Sorry for the exaggeration! 100 years = 1 year. 377 more words

Money Matters

We are all painters. We paint beautiful paintings. 

Every single thought in our mind is a brush stroke in the canvas of our imagination. 

This canvas is magical because all that we imagine can become real.  21 more words

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Bloody Stock Market - Don't Panic, Be Guided

“Should I withdraw all my money now?”

“What is going on with our economy it’s eating all my investment? What is Duterte doing with all our investments?” 292 more words

Money Matters