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Big Ten Football's Mount Rushmore

It’s the never ending argument or debate in sports, who’s the greatest? If you think narrowing it down to one is difficult, try coming up with a top four. 1,008 more words

Sports Commentary

All pros, no cons for Michigan and Jim Harbaugh's football camps

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — As Jim Harbaugh introduces the guest speaker, he lists an impressive array of awards and accomplishments. He calls the speaker a “great leader and great husband,” and adds, “When someone says ‘coach,’ I think of someone like him.” But here, considering the venue, is perhaps Harbaugh’s highest compliment: 1,237 more words


Remembering John Heering Jr., a true Port Huron legend

Ninety-eight years is a long time to live, but how can anyone make sure they make each of their 35,871 days count?

Well, just look back at the life of Port Huron’s John Heering Jr. 662 more words


Same Street!

New Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is living on the same Ann Arbor street on which Bo Schembechler lived when Harbaugh was Schembechler’s starting quarterback for the Wolverines from 1984 to 1986.  20 more words

Harbaugh’s Arrival Puts Juice Back Into Michigan’s Rivalries

Ever since Jim Harbaugh was named Michigan’s football coach in December, he’s been on tour.

You can hardly pick up the Internet these days and not read Harbaugh’s name in a headline on some website somewhere. 1,001 more words

College Football

Brother Rice TE Carter Dunaway commits to U-M for 2017

Carter Dunaway came to Ann Arbor on Friday to commit to Jim Harbaugh and Michigan.

Never mind that the tight end won’t start his junior year at Birmingham Brother Rice until the fall or that it took him all of two weeks to say yes to his first major-college scholarship offer. 431 more words


Michigan's Jim Harbaugh offers lecture in Philosophy 101

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The coach is explaining one of the best things about coming home, expressing his “deep, abiding love” for Cracker Barrel. Yeah, the roadside restaurant. 1,665 more words