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Progressivism's effect on Black American communities

Institutionalized segregation is wrong.
The democrat party of the south created it and defended it.
Today’s progressives in both parties have destroyed the values of the black communities. 112 more words


Bo Snerdley: Official Obama Criticizer

Official Obama Criticizer Bo Snerdley: Shame On You Mr. President For Race Baiting So Early In The Campaign Season:

For Audio: http://www.hapblog.com/2011/05/official-obama-criticizer-bo-snerdley.html

Limbaugh: Bo Snerdley - Black Enough to Criticize Obama

Bo Snerdley talks to the Hood about the NFL:

“Yo, my fellow homies. Rush ain’t you’re problem.  He never has been your problem……..”

“Man up.  Square up!”

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Bo Snerdley, Official Obama Criticizer - Special NFL Edition

Rush Limbaugh’s sidekick and call screener, Bo Snerdley, weighs in on the smear campaign against Rush.

YouTube via Rush Limbaugh

Of course, the fact that Snerdley is black won’t be enough to convince… 22 more words

President-Elect Obama's Thuggery Has Nothing to Do with His Race

RUSH: Pop quiz time.  Pick the month, pick the day, pick the year when the teachers union pronounces that all classrooms must hang a portrait of President Obama.  368 more words


Obama Criticizer - Threatening Riots

Bo Snerdley, the official EIB Obama Criticizer, has a message for Obama regarding the threat of riots.