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Zombie casino

I am a croupier at a casino,

The biggest and richest in New Reno.

Our clientele is, hm, refined,

Sophisticated with a resolute mind,

Very driven by their utmost desire, 164 more words

Rhyming Story

Boa constrictor

  • ოჯახი: მახრჩობელასებრნი (Boidae)
  • ქვეოჯახი: მახრჩობელები (Boinae)
  • გვარი: ბოა (Boa)
  • სახეობა: ბოა კონსტრიქტორი (Boa constrictor)
  • ქვესახეობები: არსებობს (10)
  • მაქს. ზომა: 4 მეტრი
  • შხამის ხარისხი: უშხამო
  • სიცოცხლის ხანგრძლოვობა:
  • 69 more words
მახრჩობელასებრნი (Boidae)

Adam's Fun Facts: Shopping Carts, Boa Constrictors, Leprosy In Florida & More

How many people have gotten leprosy in Florida this year and why?  Stop stealing shopping carts, here’s why!  How does a boa constrictor kill?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun facts: 120 more words


Anecdote - Slith the snake meets the taxi driver

Slith the snake

Slith was my pet boa constrictor – all six feet of him.

I bought him on the spur of the moment for £40 that I really could not afford. 426 more words


Chapter Two: The Vanishing Glass

Chapter Two Overview 

Nearly ten years has passed, and yet so little has changed, writes JK Rowling. This is fitting with the initial impressions readers get in the last chapter, where the Dursleys so determinedly cling to the traditional suburban house with a white picket fence that the only tangible evidence of changes over time are found on the mantelpiece – photos of their son Dudley. 895 more words

Harry Potter

Crawl Cay

This is our female Crawl Cay looking fine in the summer sun.


New Litter

We are very pleased to welcome a new litter to Serpentarium. We had a nice litter of 9 Hog Island Boas, born to our 2009 female, 2010 male.