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For sale

Selling this male Hypo Motley CB2015. He is one of the litter produced by our Motley/hypo jungle pairing, born on the 1st January 2015. Eating and shedding as he should



Back from Hamm

We had a very successful day at Hamm with several new  species added to our collection and a little depth added to our existing species. We managed to deal with our sales fairly quickly, and then picked up our Candoia Paulsoni. 183 more words


Venezuelan Apure BCC

The spring sun came out today, so we grabbed the opportunity to shoot a few outdoor photos. Here is our female Venezuelan, looking really impressive after shedding.


Shedding Old Skins In The Name of Transformation

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and I recently experienced the slithery reptilian variety.

I am quite surprised to find myself writing about snakes and even more surprised to have had one of such stature and strength wrapped around my neck. 721 more words


El Salvador Boa

We currently have a pair of El Salvador Boas (plus one that is lost in the house). This is our male, which is much more slender than the female. 24 more words


The Retreat Log; 26-Feb-2015

What’s a place when looked at without the filter of politics, or religion? Well, if you don’t have such filters, you might make some interesting observations: in Mexico, this writer meets boa constrictors, doves, cactuses, Japanese austerity, whales, pelicans, and some sea amongst other things. 28 more words

Noteworthy Web Articles

Het Sunset

Although we specialise predominantly in locality boas, we do have a few morphs.

One of our earliest boas was a Het Sunset, purchased in 2011 from Anthony Young of AS Exotics. 65 more words