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The framed picture of the young man stared into the room with unblinking eyes.  The room was sparse with a single window looking into a compound that had a gutter running through its middle. 1,240 more words


Biggest Yawn

“Ssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh I really must start going to bed earlier”

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This is utter nonsense. Emphasis on UTTER.

That’s the downside of the internet, if you have two brain cells to rub together and know how to post a quote that you can attribute to some author, you can make next to anything go viral.

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Harry Potter

Dr. Schwalbe's 'Amazing Reptiles' Show

Dr. Cecil Schwalbe, noted retired University of Arizona herpetologist and former Arizona state herpetologist, brought his critters to a combined session of Prof. Joe Sharkey’s and Fred Brock’s advanced reporting classes. 36 more words


Deep Breath In

Holy crap batman… so this is what happened…

I had this feeling… the feeling of a boa constrictor trying to kill me… a few times… but not often enough to mention to my doctor… okay, I hate going to the doctor, and hello… I have MS, which equals a horrible memory… basically, if it isn’t happening to me while I sit in the doctor’s office, I am likely to forget about it… 236 more words


Slither Into Stillness

Boa Constrictor

Imagine the sun warming your back, while your belly rests on cool, moist earth. What must it be like to shed your skin, to release attachments you’ve outgrown, to discover a lighter, shinier side of yourself? 8 more words


Diagon Alley

There is only one ride in Diagon Alley and it is not to be missed! 757 more words