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Boa - Kiss My Lips

Boa “is a South Korean singer and actress active in South Korea, Japan, and the United States. She is referred to as the Queen of korean pop.” (by wikipedia)

Genre: Pop, R&B


Boliviana de Aviacion

We flew to Sucre last weekend and between the travel, working this week but also being a bit under the weather, I have fallen behind.  So I will be doing a few posts in quick succession. 215 more words

06.18.2015 BoA's Instagram Update


“As we went back to Seoul already suddenly I wanna be there again ㅜㅜ #girlsparty #healingtrip #eatingtour”


Zakk United's 5 Things You Never Knew (7.24.15)

1. Nine people have gotten LEPROSY in Florida this year alone. The main reason they’re getting it is from contact with armadillos.

2. Canada has a lower percentage of people speaking fluent English than Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands. 335 more words


Adam's Fun Facts: Shopping Carts, Boa Constrictors, Leprosy In Florida & More

How many people have gotten leprosy in Florida this year and why?  Stop stealing shopping carts, here’s why!  How does a boa constrictor kill?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun facts: 120 more words


06.16.2015 BoA's Instagram Updates


“It’s the seaa~~~~~~~ Yeahhhh!!! 🌊🌊”


“Aigoo so much fun!!!!!!! Imma play for the time being hyped up~~ kekekekekeke”