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CBA Pubcast #4 - Audience

Chris and Frank talk about the first games they are taking to market. (that sounded way more official than I wanted…..haha)



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Cardboard Architects Ep. #62 - Common Game Language

Episode Sixty – Two



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Card Game Design

The Safe Zone Prototyping

Play testing became an integral part of the game design process. The first couple of play tests focused on testing whether the rules I had decided on fit in with the game and the mechanics. 486 more words


The Safe Zone | A Game Pitch

The Safe Zone is a board game controlled by dice and chance cards that is inspired by I Am Legend (book or movie, you decide). 721 more words


A Word on Complexity, Agency and Playtime in Board Games

Hypothesis: The level of complexity and player agency in a board game’s design should be reflected by it’s playtime. Simply put: random games should be shorter than games where players make more complicated decisions. 1,280 more words

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Working Titles

The theme of my blog three months ago was “no more excuses” in which I made a promise to myself that I would write more. My intent was to have a more frequent post cadence than once every three months, but just having my hands on a keyboard, working on this second post feels great. 746 more words

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