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A Word on Complexity, Agency and Playtime in Board Games

Hypothesis: The level of complexity and player agency in a board game’s design should be reflected by it’s playtime. Simply put: random games should be shorter than games where players make more complicated decisions. 1,274 more words

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Working Titles

The theme of my blog three months ago was “no more excuses” in which I made a promise to myself that I would write more. My intent was to have a more frequent post cadence than once every three months, but just having my hands on a keyboard, working on this second post feels great. 746 more words

Board Game Design

More Travelers

More pics of Travelers. We are considering doing a few different versions, along with different types of bags, to sell online or possibly at craft fairs. 22 more words

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Designer Diary: Agency

This week I’m going to continue my designer diary. Previously I introduced Agency, a game I started (but moved beyond) with the restrictions for our… 1,238 more words


Writing Game Rules

Sitting down to write out the rules of a game is one of the most daunting tasks a games designer will ever face. The thought process, methods, and interests of a designer, a writer, and a player are all very different. 1,830 more words

Board Game Design

What this game designer does next will shock you to your very core!

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This simple board gaming trick will save you hundreds!

Check out these boardgamer’s super hot wives!

You won’t believe what Phil Eklund looks like now! 8 more words



It seems like I’m every game we make there is a probability problem. I barely remember that stuff from school. I’ve been watching the videos on the Khan Academy and it is coming back to me a little. 29 more words