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Captain Hook

As I mentioned in my first post, I’ve been working on designing a board game for about two years now.  The game is a pirate-themed game where players collect a fleet of ships to travel around the Caribbean collecting gold from plundering enemy ships, trading goods at port, and/or by discovering buried treasure.   449 more words

Board Game Design

The Action Points Podcast! Episode 86: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Matt Dunstan

In this episode:

I interview Matt Dunstan, designer of Relic Runners, and co-designer of Empire Engine and (Kennerspiel 2015 nominee!) Elysium. We talk about the different board game design communities in the UK and Australia, and also about how to work with other designers. 308 more words

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Loss aversion and option availibility

Since it is Vappu (May Day) here, I’m going to keep this very brief. I want to continue a little bit about the “What drives games forward?” thinking I posted… 543 more words

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Euronimoes 2.0 Released

I’ve been tinkering with Euronimoes for the last 4 years, and now I’ve finally gotten around to uploading the changes.

I’m biased, of course, but I think the changes have improved the game considerably.  172 more words

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Prototyping: King's Land

I’ll like to take this chance to write more about the development of the game rather the game itself. The game reveals itself enough that I don’t need to go into the details. 921 more words

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It’s been a several months since I last wrote a blog post, and so I felt it was time to dust off the keyboard, let you know about my progress, and offer an explanation as to why I’ve not written anything for so long. 358 more words

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Selling a Horse at an Automobile Conference: Talking Australian Board Game Design at Freeplay 2015

If you’re just here for some slides, they’re at the bottom. Hope you find them useful?


Let’s start things off with a crisis of identity: 1,896 more words

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