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Tabletop Newbies!

  • The Modern Tabletop Era
  • A Target Store Guide
  • Game Creation Tips: From the Very Beginning
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Announcing: Stoken Games LLC

In conjunction with the printing of Emergent, I founded Stoken Games. I went through many iterations of logo development and ended up with the below. 43 more words

Board Game Design

Game Design Blitz #3

And today’s card is…

The Card

Color: Blue

Number: 4

Piece: Card/Die

Mechanic: Trick Taking

The Idea

Trick taking is a mechanic that has been around forever. 497 more words

Card Game

How to Start Creating Games: Jump In!


  • Get off your butt and put it on the table
  • Make a prototype as soon as possible
  • Your game will crash and burn
  • Cherish the journey — have fun!
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Board Game Design

I’m Coming Out

My name is Myke, and I am a board game designer. I am outing myself to the world at large as a board game aficionado. I have dreaded the day I would tell others about my true desires, but there comes a time when the truth must come out so we can all move forward. 311 more words

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Game Design Epiphany - Take out the Theme!

I am going to pop in here with some game design epiphanies from time to time. Most likely it will simply be a short paragraph or two describing the epiphany that I had, and then, ideally, it will spark some discussion. 215 more words

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