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Narrative in Games

I recently wrote about drive in games. What makes them go forward, but what can you expect when the game goes forward? This time I’ll take a look into game narrative or game arc as it is also commonly put. 1,255 more words

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Don't hate the player(s) - hate the game

When it comes to game design – your players shouldn’t have to “will” themselves to suspend their own disbelief – they should do so willingly and without realizing it. 1,064 more words


Marketing & Business #1: "Greed is... good" for designing your game

Should you try and make money off of designing games?

It a seemingly simple question – but with some deep roots if you let it take hold.   899 more words


Board Games at PAX East

PAX East has always been traditionally a convention for digital games. Which is, of course, great, because a game is a game, and who doesn’t love games! 233 more words


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Improv Lesson #2: Let's Get Physical, Physical

‘Break a leg!’  Not literally – but give it a convincing try!

In improv comedy – one of the critical elements of a good scene is ‘physicality,’ the ability of the players to use gestures, body language and pantomiming to communicate more about the context of the scene – where they are, who they are and how they feel (in general & about each other). 737 more words


Prototyping: TD: Orcs vs. Humans

This blog will delve into the game I first talked about in Gaming diary: Week 41. I finally wrote the first draft of rules for this game and it is already available in… 779 more words

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3D Printing at PAX East 15

You can’t 3D print a convention (yet!), so I went to see one in person this past weekend. PAX East represents the forefront of gaming and gaming technology, or so my assistant tells me. 1,177 more words

3d Printing

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