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Top 10 Board Game Panels at PAX East 2015

2015 is the year of Board Games at PAX East this year, check out the awesome panels that are scheduled this year on board games and board game design! 866 more words

Board Game Design

Good Game Bad Game, A Panel Game about Game Design

Wicked excited for our panel next weekend at PAX East. I’ll be joined by my good friends at Spoiled Flush Games, Games by Play Date… 101 more words

Board Game Design

What drives games forward? (Part 1)

I have been thinking about the things that make game play of board games go forward. Drives them on and makes the game feels satisfying. There are few things I want my designs to have and one of them is flow. 915 more words

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Play-testing - Do it now, screw it up and do it again - immediately!

So you got an idea for a game – why haven’t you tested it yet?

SO – you’ve got an idea for a board game you want to make (or some other creative pursuit).   703 more words


A 'Zone of Control' Game without the problems of an "Australia Strategy"

The only thing you were missing was an overstuffed, leather armchair and a little stick to push your armies across the board.

You were probably 9 or 10 and you had just been introduced to… 975 more words


Quick Pitch: Cook Off!

I’ll try something different here. The following game has been in my head for a few weeks and I’m in the process of making the first prototype of it. 580 more words

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Have a Vision Part II: Klaus Teuber was really lucky

The more specific the vision for your game is, the better.

One of the biggest flaws with setting out to make a game is wanting to make it about everything.   665 more words