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We played Avalon with the kids and while not as easy to pick up as Coup (giving the age ranges) it was still a lot of fun. 18 more words


Moving, Gaming, Baking, Umbrella Academy & Friday the 13th...


It has been busy. We have our home on the market at the moment. We love our home, but over the last seven years what we want from a home has changed, so it’s time to move. 1,121 more words


Batman Gotham City Chronicles

I recently got a chance to play BATMAN GOTHAM CITY CHRONICLES and had a blast with it.

The game was released via a very successful Kickstarter… 1,762 more words

Board Games


This is a board game. It’s about birdwatching, and I’m fairly sure your goal as a player is to watch the most birds. It came out about a month ago and it’s the most popular thing going. 50 more words


What is censorship in the face of sensitivity?

So I originally had this as a blog post on boardgamegeek.com.  I suspected it would be too hot for it to handle.  Sure enough, before the day was over: 8,822 more words



Yesterday, my housemate asked me if I wanted to watch “a tragic short film about an elderly Chinese couple”, and I thought, “Why would I willingly make myself feel sad for eleven minutes?” 549 more words


An Introduction

Welcome to DICE IN THE DARK.

This site is a place for me to express my love for the tabletop gaming hobby, whether that be board games, roleplaying games, card games, miniatures games or anything else in between. 990 more words

Board Games