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My Favourite 50 Board Games (as of July 2020)

Here’s a list of my 50 favourite board games to play as of today. The positions in the list change frequently as we’ve been playing a lot of new games recently and have only taken the time to dive deep into a dozen games at most. 5,060 more words


D&D Monster Manual 36: Temple of Elemental Evil - Earth, Air, Fire and Water Elementals

Back to the D&D Board Game series today – The four eponymous villains from the Temple of Elemental Evil box. Each of the foursome took a rather different style of painting. 425 more words

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Rónán Hession, Leonard and Hungry Paul

Thirty-four pages into this excellent Irish novel, I was cackling with laughter for the third time. I was also being paused in my happy reading by moments of piercing empathy. 647 more words

The Life Of The Times

Now Even New Gamers Can Be a Hobbit

What does that cryptic headline mean?

Fantasy Flight Games announced yesterday that they are going to be reissuing 2000’s classic 2-5 player cooperative game with those little fellows, … 425 more words

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Spotlight talk on 'Mycenopoly'

I’ve done a spotlight talk about my Mycenaean board game ‘Mycenopoly‘ for an upcoming event on research dissemination for early-career researchers organised by the… 125 more words


Board Game Review -- My Little Scythe: Pie in the Sky

The Annual Harvest Tournament between the animal kingdoms determines which kingdom will rule Pomme for the coming year.  However, on the eve of the 3000th festival, something amazing happens.  1,271 more words

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Countdown to Gen Con Online: 40-31

We’re settling in for convention season, from the comfort of our desks! Gen Con 2020 would have been our first convention ever. Now that many are heading online, we are taking advantage by indulging in a steady stream of board game content. 423 more words

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