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The Lore of Thorngate

Today we release the lore surrounding Thorngate Tower which will be published within the rulebook. We would like to place on record our thanks to John Dulak from the States for producing this incredible piece of text. 489 more words

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Ghastly Games with Daphne Strasert: Ultimate Werewolf Inquisition

A remote village is infested with werewolves. Unable to solve the problem themselves, the villagers call upon a special inquisitorial team to root out the monsters. 430 more words


7 Recent Pictures and 1 Video

In the era of smartphones that have better lenses from my old Nikon, I, like many other millennials have a phone jam packed full of pictures. 542 more words

GeekOut Bristol Meet - July 12th: Best of British Geeks

18+ Event

Brits don’t really give themselves enough credit. There are so many fun, quirky and creative geek things that we’ve done, that in this event, we’re going to celebrate being a British geek. 937 more words


Contacting the Dead: The Ouija Board.

Ouija Board. Two words that can send some people to recoil in horror. Realistically, they appear harmless enough, after all it is just a piece of wood containing letters and numbers, but they have been used in numerous horror movies over the years that they can sometimes be seen as instruments of the devil. 208 more words

Debbie Johansson

Tune in at 7pm EST for the In Third Person Board Game Talk Marathon!

Though I’m somewhere across the pond, the show must go on!

Game night! Tune in for a special marathon featuring every episode of Board Game Talk tonight at 7pm EST! 57 more words


Parchís - Fantastic Family Fun!/¡Fantástica Felicidad Familiar!

Hi! Since the game I’m writing about today is a classic game in Spain, I’m going to try something new for this blog, and write it in two languages. 1,460 more words