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Lake County Voting Locations

We stopped by the Elections Board and asked for updated information about polling locations, and the ever accommodating personnel at the Lake County Elections Board were only too happy to provide us with schedules. 80 more words

November Ballot Issues..."it is raining tax levies"...

There appears to be no end in sight for the deluge of property tax levies that will create a “flood” that will ultimately cause some of those living on fixed incomes to lose their homes! 952 more words

Voter Statistics for Concord Township...getting into the weeds

We have been asked to try to determine number of Concord Township residents by taxing district. In checking with the Auditor’s office and Board of Elections, the closest we can come to fulfilling that request is to look at the registered voter roles. 78 more words

Voting By Mail....here is how you can do it

A citizen asked us about voting by mail. We contacted Ross McDonald, Lake County’s very talented Elections Board Director, and he provided us with the following response. 207 more words

Buettner, Cecola and Croll win seats on Barrington Hills board

Three candidates running as “One Barrington Hills” won their bids to become Trustees on the Barrington Hills board Tuesday night. Brian Cecola and Bryan Croll won reelection as Trustees and Debra Buettner will fill a seat on the board. 38 more words

Village Board

Voting Records....a little inside baseball

Have you ever wondered who your elected officials are – all the way from President of the United States to your County Committee person.

Lake County’s excellent Board of Elections headed by Ross McDonald and Jan Clair have an great informative website.  202 more words