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Series: Great Games for Kids Part 1

If you’re a child of the 80’s like me, the games in the picture above may or may not bring back fond memories of childhood. But as an board game enthusiast, and a proud member of the cult of the new, the idea of playing any of those games with my kids is horrifying. 394 more words


Review - Gloomhaven

I will start with this: everyone should get your hands on Gloomhaven. It is a work of art, and an example of brilliant game design. It is a game which is more than a bunch of wonderful mechanics put together coherently. 484 more words


En passant

Eke out any advantage you can I say. Hmm. Every so often you read something thats meant to be allegory but instead makes you tilt your head ever so slightly as you consider. 309 more words

Daily Journal

Boss Monster | The Tabletop Letters

Dear Readers,

It’s been a while! For that I’m sorry. I hope to get back in the swing of things. I spoke too soon with one of my last posts about shingles pain – it’s been kicking my butt lately. 1,079 more words

Game Reviews

Review: Space Base

I love games with dice. Dice drafting, dice collecting, dice manipulation, you name it. If the game includes dice as a means for the mechanic, I’m in. 483 more words

Board Games

Using board games to teach people about Wealth.

Recently I was playing a game with two little kids, one who was in the second grade and the other in kindergarten. It was a fun, intense little game. 875 more words

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I uploaded the latest English episode into YouTube with captions and texts for yor ease. Might make the extra bit at the end of the episode much easier for you to follow! 17 more words