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Game Night (2018)

Along with horror & sci-fi, comedy is one of the few genres where I’m intensely skeptical of initial critical consensus. In the recent Indiewire piece… 947 more words

Brandon Ledet

[Rant] I'm getting real frusturated with how hard it is to have a game night

Iv'e tried to have game nights on saturday night since it seems like the best night people can do things. Iv'e got a bunch of people interested… But it's extremely wishy washy on who can come. 139 more words


How to Reclaim a Lost Saturday Night: A Board Gamer's Guide

by Benjamin Wanaselja

On any given Saturday, the sound of light chatter, beer bottles clinking, and the thud of dice hitting a board, or the soft flipping of cards fills my dining room. 1,058 more words

Moćni Rendžeri postaju društvena igra

Serija koju su mnogi od nas gledali kada su bili klinci (a neki i dalje) konačno dobija svoju društvenu igru. 160 more words


Review - Junk Art

You know, I’ve always had this desire to own a dexterity game. In the recent years, I’ve been having sessions with a group of 6 people, and have found it difficult to find a game that can accommodate more than 5. 401 more words


Review: Azul

Ooooooooh boy.  I had been waiting for this game for quite some time after I saw a playthrough on Heavy Cardboard’s YouTube Channel.  Unfortunately it was quite hard to find, as it was extremely popular. 607 more words

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Lessons learned after running a Kickstarter for DONNING THE PURPLE

The Kickstarter campaign for Donning the purple is almost over and I thought it was time to once again “interview myself” and talk about all the lessons I have learned so far on this  campaign. 826 more words

Kickstarter Interview