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01/ I am the Spymaster

During the first week of class, groups were created as we got ready to embark on our game playing adventure…
There was a number of options of board games we could choose from, which made our choice more difficult. 532 more words


Sushi Go Party! | The Tabletop Letters

Dear Readers,

My bout with shingles seems to be coming to an end. Between antivirals, a concoction of essential oils that a friend gave me, and a lot of sleep thanks to my dear husband, I’m feeling much better and no longer look like I was stung by a bee in… 1,207 more words

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Boardgaming saved my life

Through my life, I suffer from anxiety. During my darkest moments, where I couldn’t function well in my day to day life due to my mental health condition, I play games to cope. 281 more words


Dip in the Suicide Creek

There was an local ASL event which allowed to get to know some new people, and also to try out some fun bits and pieces. We did take an dip to the Suicide Creek, a short scenario where Japanese defenders had five pillboxes and about equal number of defenders set against rather potent marine force of 8 squads and good leadership and support weapon array. 441 more words


UK Games Expo

I joined the tabletop games industry as a blogger only recently (less than a year ago actually) and my journey really started when I visited… 965 more words


Staying or Leaving - A Completely Hypothetical Situation

This is kind of a dream I had. No idea where the inspiration came from, but I felt compelled to write it down.

Picture the scene: You’re in someone’s house having just finished an epic game of… 683 more words

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Ori and the Blind Forest

Progressive powers

I have been playing Ori and the Blind Forest by Ubisoft and it was a pretty good and beautiful platform game, but something catched my eye and it was the progressive powers, because you can explore freely all the forest but some parts can’t be access if you don’t have certain abilities or powers, but the game doesn’t point to you what places you can visit or what you need to get through and I liked that, also at first you only can jump once and that’s it, you feel so vulnerable and powerless also very alone; but step by step you start to gain powers and the world doesn’t seem very dangerous until you get to a new zone where are new creatures that are terrifying. 188 more words