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Sáng sớm đã bị hai đứa em dựng dậy hỏi chuyện đi du lịch. Thiệt tình mới có 8h sáng, thiệt tình mới có đầu tháng 5, thiệt tình chị mày vẫn còn đang ôn thi, MUỐN TRÊU TỨC NHAU CŨNG KHÔNG CẦN LÀM THẾ NÀY T.T Hai nhóc hỏi xin mấy thứ. 1,294 more words


boarding pass // almost

Ironic, isn’t it? I used to write to you. Now I write about you.

I’ve written so much in the past year. I couldn’t count the number of songs and poems I’ve scrawled onto computers and notebooks and iPhones. 181 more words


POV: Das Deustche Mädchen

A year ago, Malaysia wasn’t even on my list of countries to visit. Not for travelling and certainly not for an internship. My university required me to go abroad for a year to gain exposure in different working environments. 523 more words

Boarding Pass

This is why you shouldn't let airport shops scan your boarding pass anymore

This is new information.

One of the most irritating things when you’re in an airport is producing your boarding pass every time you want to buy something. 128 more words

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The Pale Hand (One Sentence Story)

A pale, slim hand clutched the boarding pass to a return flight from Las Vegas, a green stain encircling its ring finger.

Don't toss that boarding pass — it can get you free tours and wine tastings in these cities

Many frequent fliers want little more than a quiet place to relax on a layover (outdoor lounge, anyone?). Luckily, if you’re the kind of person who get antsy during an 8-hour layover, airports have… 182 more words

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