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Chiquititas Brasil (1997)

Sitcom, 5 seasons
Year: 1997-2001
Year in film: 1990s
Country: Brasil
Who in bedroom: orphans. Boys. Girls. 165 more words


Aurinko, palmut ja jääkiekkomaila

Ajaessani palmujen reunustamaa rantakatua ilmastointi täysillä, ohjasi navigaattorini kääntymään oikealla puolella olevalle parkkipaikalle. Parkkeeraan auton vaalean rakennuksen edustalle. Astuessani palmujen välistä ja avatessani areenan oven mietin, että voiko näillä leveyspiireillä vesi muuttua jääksi. 858 more words


Wolves in the Wind- Ch. 4

It hurt, like a heavy blade twisted deep in my heart, forcing me to bend forward despite there being no blood, no weapon, or tear. It was just the rain. 1,023 more words

Boarding School

Sikeji School #2: Knowing The Game

Sekeji school is a time lost somewhere in the huge drawer where one keeps sadness. A crack that interrupted a lifetime long before it was ever lived. 480 more words


Chapter 5: No Short Skirts Part 2

I can’t find any prefects and I am starting to panic. Mrs. Kaunda hates latecomers. Am I going to be kicked out? My mother will kill me if she has to tell the women at church that I no longer go here. 1,197 more words


DAA Proud

Dakota Adventist Academy students and staff are excited to unveil our new blogging site! We want to share with the world what makes us happy about our school, and what is happening here on campus!   245 more words