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Boardwalk Empire Finale and How to End a Story

I find endings to be the most difficult to write. Beginnings come easy. Middles can sag, but there are simple ways to beef them up (add more conflicts, introduce new characters, do something surprising, flesh out subplots). 1,038 more words


Finish 'em Up! Let's Go!

Last week it was Nucky Thompson’s grasp on Atlantic City. Next week, it’s his show.

All good (or at least occasionally good or admirable attempts at being good) things must come to an end. 1,287 more words


The Home Stretch

Nothing says a television show is coming to an end more clearer and louder than main characters getting killed off. It’s like leaves turning colors or… 1,431 more words


The Boardwalk Empire Q & A

The fifth and final season of Boardwalk Empire is three episodes in; only five remaining. If you haven’t watched any of the episodes, perhaps you’ve been too busy watching… 1,423 more words


The Boardwalk Empire Refresher

When Boardwalk Empire debuted on HBO on 2010, it was positioned to be the next The Sopranos, i.e. HBO’s next big heavy hitter and anchor of their lineup. 2,587 more words