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Scenes from Second Seat on the Right

Wednesday, January 3rd, 9:00pm Edward and Lily Lily: What the hell is wrong with you tonight? Edward: (rocking, arms crossed over his stomach) I don’t know. 16 more words


Dear Goodreads (Amazon) executive ...

Dear Amazon.com executive who thinks it’s a good idea to charge $119 to give away one book on Goodreads.com,

I’m Matt Manochio, a small press author with three novels and one novella under his belt. 615 more words

A Functional Theory of Hat Wearing

Hats are not, primarily, fashion items or status markers. They are – overwhelmingly – objects that initially came into use because they fulfilled a concrete function. 3,126 more words


Paz de la Huerta: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Paz de la Huerta claims that she was raped twice by disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein. She opened up to Vanity Fair about two encounters that she had with Weinstein in which she says he forced himself on her. 1,834 more words


The Lambs Meet the Nighthawks at Iguana

For members of America’s oldest theatrical club, THE LAMBS (https://the-lambs.org/), the evening would be a highlight of the summer season as members gathered at Manhattan’s chic… 344 more words


What 'Atomic Blonde' Could Learn From TV

It’s been a while since I felt as thoroughly alienated by a film as I did while watching Atomic Blonde. For transparency’s sake, I admit that David Leitch’s first solo feature rubbed me the wrong way from the moment I first saw the trailer, even though a pop music-inflected, Cold War-set spy thriller sounds like it should be right up my alley. 1,599 more words