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Buffalo Nickel on the Market

Buffalo Nickel is an FPB 64, the seventh of an innovative range of power boats designed to make both long distance passages and leisurely intervals at anchor in safety and comfort. 360 more words

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Our Big News

It’s not new-news, because it’s a choice we made last spring, while we were aboard our boat in Thailand. But the decision did cause us to jettison our plan of making our way to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, via Japan’s inland sea followed by a passage to the Aleutians. 755 more words

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Power Management

We’ve had quite a few requests over these several years, both public and private, to talk about power management aboard Buffalo Nickel.

Every boat has its own inherent logic in this area. 2,175 more words

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Cuba Prep Update!

ERRNNGH.  ERRNGH.  We interrupt your regularly-scheduled program for this important announcement:

Phillip and I just filed our Permit to Enter Cuba!

Hey crew!  I thought I would take a short break from the Atlantic-crossing saga to get you all a bit up-to-date with our current planning for the Cuba trip this winter and what’s been going on with the boat.  3,423 more words


Boat Dreams do Come True

And almost exactly a month after I published Boat Dreams, I HAVE A BOAT!

She’s a 1988 C&C 24 and there’s definitely some work to do: 26 more words


Electric Induction Hob

A few weeks ago, I treated myself to an electric induction hob, the Tefal 1H Everyday. I’ve yet to figure out how to change a gas bottle and as I’m currently on a shoreline, I decided to take advantage of the essentially limitless electricity rather than have the hassle of lugging around heavy steel cylinders. 602 more words

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You Are What You Eat, and Lather, and Wear, and Wash, and...

Every time I shower or use a sink on the boat I live on, that “greywater” gets dumped directly overboard. As I inspect the ingredients on the back of the shampoos and dish soap, my eyes scan words that I can’t even begin to pronounce. 177 more words