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Happy Buns in the Sport-a-Seat

“We can’t have you crossing with unhappy buns!” Christian said.  Love that guy.  Do  any of you have these: the famous Sport-a-Seat?

To be honest, I didn’t know we did until the fine Sport-a-Seat folks reached out to me.   369 more words

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June 2016 Boat Audit

Over the month of May, I filled the water tank twice, spent £15 on fuel (mostly firelogs), emptied the Thetford once and used 39kWh of electricity from the shoreline. 65 more words

Boat Stuff

In which I talk about toilets.

Every boater’s favourite subject.

Wait, don’t go. You know you want to know how I managed to go three weeks without emptying a Thetford cassette, despite daily use. 1,236 more words

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Cross Oceans with OCENS Satellite Service

It’s funny, all of this talk about how this ocean voyage would be a great chance for us to get away, disconnect, unplug and one of the first things Phillip and I talked about and looked into was a way to stay connected.   1,960 more words

Atlantic Crossing

"Doesn't it get cold in Winter?" - Part I

If you’ve ever told anyone that you live on a boat, you’ll have heard this question, I’m sure.

Keeping warm on a narrowboat is actually relatively easy. 662 more words

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May 2016 boat audit

I’ve decided to keep track of my usage of things like water, electricity, etc, on the boat. To that end, and because today is the first of a new month, I filled the water tank, emptied the toilet cassette and counted how much fuel I have. 202 more words

Boat Stuff

A Very Maritime Christmas

This holiday season was a perfect mixture of family celebrations, winter adventures, and preparations for what’s to come.

This was almost assuredly our last Christmas at our condo in Oak Park. 771 more words