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Electric Induction Hob

A few weeks ago, I treated myself to an electric induction hob, the Tefal 1H Everyday. I’ve yet to figure out how to change a gas bottle and as I’m currently on a shoreline, I decided to take advantage of the essentially limitless electricity rather than have the hassle of lugging around heavy steel cylinders. 602 more words

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You Are What You Eat, and Lather, and Wear, and Wash, and...

Every time I shower or use a sink on the boat I live on, that “greywater” gets dumped directly overboard. As I inspect the ingredients on the back of the shampoos and dish soap, my eyes scan words that I can’t even begin to pronounce. 177 more words


What Goes Around...

Just one quart of oil can contaminate up to a quarter million gallons of drinking water or cause an oil slick almost 2 acres in size.

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Happy Buns in the Sport-a-Seat

“We can’t have you crossing with unhappy buns!” Christian said.  Love that guy.  Do  any of you have these: the famous Sport-a-Seat?

To be honest, I didn’t know we did until the fine Sport-a-Seat folks reached out to me.   369 more words

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June 2016 Boat Audit

Over the month of May, I filled the water tank twice, spent £15 on fuel (mostly firelogs), emptied the Thetford once and used 39kWh of electricity from the shoreline. 65 more words

Boat Stuff

In which I talk about toilets.

Every boater’s favourite subject.

Wait, don’t go. You know you want to know how I managed to go three weeks without emptying a Thetford cassette, despite daily use. 1,236 more words

Boat Stuff

Cross Oceans with OCENS Satellite Service

It’s funny, all of this talk about how this ocean voyage would be a great chance for us to get away, disconnect, unplug and one of the first things Phillip and I talked about and looked into was a way to stay connected.   1,960 more words

Atlantic Crossing