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Atmosphere Craigavon Lakes

Atmosphere Craigavon Lakes Test shoot This was a quick test shoot to try out the DJI Phantom 2 the objective of the shoot were to compare the quadcopter to the previous model Phantom1 The Upgrade Gimbal Fantastic we were never able to use footage before with out have a huge amount of stabilisation in post production which created the warped effect which resulting in us not using the footage a lot of the time and the Phantom 1 ended up getting set to the side and not used at all which was a waste but would maybe suit a photographer better Battery life From 10 minutes to 30 minutes makes a shoot a whole lot more enjoyable the way the battery is mounted in is also an added bonus so much easier that the first phantom battery on the first phantom was probably bottom of the priority list The Phantom 2 also seems a lot more powerful which helps its stabilise and makes it easier to control GoPro 3 Pro tune When it was brought into post production before grading levels were great and didn t loose any detail If there were blue sky s would need to think about getting ND filters I don t think the footage would be as clear and would be too over exposed 1080p 24FPS Didn t have the 3 that day so couldn t shoot 1080 at 50 FPS GoPro 3 only allows 1080p at 25 FPS some of the footage it is hard to judge and control how fast the drone is flying at being able to slow down in post especially the rotation shot would have improved the quality of the shot Edit Final Cut Pro X Grading Pro tune in the GoPro left everything really flat and kept the exposure really well so not a lot of changes there A lot of grass in the shot shots so tried to bring up the the greens slightly Added a vignette cut it back a bit from the default vignette setting in final cut Added a sharpener put it at level 5 Tried to change the sky to blue using the colour tool but didn t turn out that well so decided to leave it Music Days are long Free track youtube provide in their library I remember listening to these a while ago and couldn t find one I liked but they seem to have updated their library and there is a large selection there more about at Atmosphere Craigavon Lakes


NEBKS Event 1 Gardner Lake I phone Swimming Lesson

A great event to start the 2016 New England Bassin NEBKS circuit Shimano Stradic reels Dobyns Shimano and St Croix Rods Feelfree Lure kayak more about at… 8 more words


Silver Lake Bass Tournament 5 15 16

Our 5 fish only weighed 7 92 pounds but it was really fun We caught fish on drop shot zoom finesse worm Small Rapalas and Texas rigged black powerbait worms with a chartreuse tail more about at Silver Lake Bass Tournament 5 15 16