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The Wey To The Thames - Transitioning From Countryside To City

After getting used to life on the River Wey, we were both filled with both excitement and apprehension about going onto the big bold Thames. The Thames has both tidal and non-tidal parts to it and we were intending on going on the non-tidal part this time (we are not equipped with what is needed just now – life ring, jackets etc – and would also like more experience first). 1,066 more words

Boat And Canal Life

We SPLASH Zingaro - Ep. 49

If you remember in the last episode, we were just about ready to drop the boat back in the water…. BUT (and there’s always a but) the “Biocide-free” paint we used didn’t dry. 144 more words


Big Boats in the Liftlock

As the canoeists were waiting at the gate of the huge Liftlock at Peterborough, Canada large boats were waiting to come out. They had just risen up from 60-80 feet below in one lift. 13 more words



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