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Weathering the Winter at Anchor

When I knew I had to repatriate to the U.S. from Panama because of my COPD and the fact that Medicare doesn’t pay when you step outside the country I knew there was only one way I could survive on the income I have, and that would be to either buy and live on a small boat or buy a van and live “down by the river.” 1,049 more words

5 Tips for boating beginners

Whether you’re a new boater or hitting the water for the first time in a long time or even going on a luxury yacht, boating for beginners has never been easier thanks to some great online resources and a worldwide community of boating enthusiasts that are often happy to lend advice. 370 more words

Water in the Bible: Boating and Fishing

The Bible has a lot to say about about water. The message of scripture is framed in many different ways in order that as many people as possible understand. 583 more words


A Boat Dog Is Born!

It’s another cold day in Massachusetts. So cold that Mom doesn’t want to go hiking and would prefer if we didn’t have to go outside at all. 527 more words

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Gypsy Style Mobile Resale

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Size: M chest size: 37-41 inches

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Second Hand

Lunch Box 🍌

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2 built in ice walls. Stays cold for up to 12 hours. 35 more words


How to get FREE Tickets to the Seattle Boat Show!

If you are interested in getting tickets to the Seattle Boat Show, the answer is easy! If you are reading this, then you officially know someone who has the insider hookup… me! 322 more words