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A walk along the Cesar Chavez Park pier.

Yesterday I watched the Fern Street Cirus perform at Cesar Chavez Park. I arrived at the grassy park early, so I enjoyed a walk along the nearby public pier. 228 more words

Cool Tech #1: The XSV-17 Thunderchild

Maybe counter-intuitively due to the coastal-related moniker, but I’m not necessarily a huge fan of the ocean or waterfaring things. Of course, there are always exceptions: 21 more words


Yacht Ownership A Detailed insight. Read This

A critical look at the charter-business end of yacht ownership

Lately catamarans are all the rage. A keen sailor might have noticed ā€“ even in our historically conservative New England sailing grounds ā€“ the once exotic catamaran is encountered on a more frequent basis than ever. 1,368 more words

No, really, it's the Ann Sisson

A little over a year ago I learned that the steamship Ann Sisson had been beached and abandoned in Britannia Bay in 1871, somewhere SW of the lighthouse (effectively the end of the pier). 1,467 more words


February 12, 2018

Tomorrow is a big day. I weigh in again. And I talk to the coach of the varsity four.

Iā€™m scared for both.

I have no idea what I weigh. 75 more words