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Oliver North Makes Terrorists Out of School Kids Speaking Out

Oliver North now president spokesman for the NRA is trying to make terrorist out of a group of school kids, simply because they are speaking out against the NRA and the fear tactics they use to intimidate and instill fear that the government is coming for their guns First off the Parkland School Survivors aren’t in any way shape or form terrorists that is absolutely absurd and from the mouth of a liar of the magnitude of Oliver North anyone with a small modicum of memory knows that to be true. 453 more words

Bob Beardon

GOP's Big Dilemma

The GOPeers have a huge dilemma on their hands in Roy Moore. Alabama GOP are adamant in that they will not back away from Moore and they don’t give a tinker’s damn whether he is guilty or not. 315 more words

Bob Beardon

Striking a Deal with Democrats

Striking a deal with Democrats? How’s that work? They are of course the minority party in congress these days. And what does making a deal with the devil and Daniel Webster get the guy with the projectile eyebrows? 316 more words

Bob Beardon