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What’s in your garage?

What’s in your garage? Maybe your car, but we cram so much other stuff in there sometimes that doesn’t even fit. The garage holds all of our crap – the trash cans, some tools, clothes you cleaned out of your closet but haven’t made it to the donation box with yet, a badminton net, some just-in-case wood scraps, the lawnmower, the snowblower, and sometimes, maybe, the car. 613 more words


Steve Bertrand on being inducted into the WGN 2015 Walk of Fame

Steve Bertrand joins Justin to talk about his career at WGN including working on the Bears broadcasts with Mike Ditka, his amazing chemistry with Kathy and Judy and other WGN legends like Bob Collins and Spike O’Dell, how the news business has changed over the years and what it is like being inducted into the WGN 2015 Walk of Fame. 7 more words

WGN Radio

A Toast to Uncle Bobby

Bob Collins would have been 73-Years-Old tomorrow. He was one of the people who made WGN Radio what it is, and he was gone far too soon. 32 more words

Steve Cochran

Steve Cochran Show 2/27/15

On today’s program you’ll hear all your morning-show friends as well as; a new Hawktionary, Lou Manfredini’s first call, some ideas about things to do in Chicago this weekend, Chris Collins from Northwestern Basketball, a toast to Bob Collins, a guy who’s selling snow, Dean Richards, Rick Hahn, Roe Conn, Bill Leff, and Wendy Snyder. 37 more words

Steve Cochran

Orion Samuelson and Dave Eanet reflect on the life of Uncle Bobby

Bob Collins didn’t know it would be his last show when he decided to give us some “things that he has learned.” This feature from Bob Collins is just a small sample from one of the best to ever be on WGN. 22 more words

Steve Cochran

Tribute to Bob Collins "Things I've Learned"


Brian recalls his personal connection to Bob Collins and plays a “Things I’ve Learned” tribute on the sad anniversary of his tragic plane crash.

Brian Noonan

Bob Collins - 21 Things I've Learned as I've Aged

Dean Richards remembers the passing of WGN’s “Uncle Bobby”, Bob Collins, 15 years ago today by sharing a touching piece of Bob’s final broadcast where he tells us about 21 things he has learned as he grew older. 9 more words

Dean Richards' Sunday Morning