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Book Review: Chronicles, Volume I

Through his tears a memory is fading
Something he wasn’t certain of
And his friends who kept on saying
“You don’t have to let yourself fall in love” 470 more words


Bob Dylan + The Great American Songbook = True!

“These songs are some of the most heartbreaking stuff ever put on record and I wanted to do them justice. Now that I have lived them and lived through them I understand them better. 4,628 more words


Pawking Metaws

“Sir! Sir! Hey, wait! Sir, please don’t give me a ticket. I’m right here, holdonaminute willya, please?”

And so it begins. I looked up and smiled at the man who was rushing in my direction. 1,929 more words


The Day: Homage to Many

The day they drove old Enron down and the people were singing

and the jail doors were ringing

and Ken Lay had his life go ding, that was the end of everything… 633 more words


if i can

they call me a poet

in my backwards hat

i usually dont make it to class nor get up in the a.m.

i eat a lot at once and fight the food coma with a frappuccino… 409 more words


Faking Dylan #17 (Added verses)

Their women know it ain’t the same

What once was bold has now gone lame

They wonder should they take the blame

For ruining nature’s happy game… 29 more words


Faking Dylan #17

All the old men died around

And left behind this little town

They’d built with bricks and two by fours

Workin’ late from early morn… 185 more words