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Snippets; 3.

Hello, everyone! Hope you guys have had a good week. I’ve had an interesting one, so, without further ado, I shall plunge straight into my (fragmentary) recounting of it… 837 more words

Mini Reviews - January/February 2015

I listen to a lot more albums than I review. This is for a variety of reasons. Either I listen to the album too late, so that by the time I’ve given it enough plays to form an opinion on it’s old news. 1,050 more words


Nation of Heat; The Great Despiser - Joe Pug

What is up Nationally Honest Nation?! I’m really excited today for a few reasons: 1) I’m going to be reviewing one of my favorite songwriters, 2) I’m going to be reviewing two different albums, and 3) I’m going to give you some insight on what to expect from Joe Pug’s new album,  855 more words

Bob Dylan

I'll know my song well

            Tasha knew the plan, they had rehearsed the ‘what if’s’ a thousand times, so why did she feel so nervous? Perhaps it was the way Meghan kept shooting her glances across the room in their History class. 718 more words

Tammy Keys


“What’s the alarm, God Most High is real, it’s not a myth, greatest news there is, means all believers were right, why would anyone be anxious, it’s not that you don’t share, it’s not you don’t care, it’s not that your blind to the needs of others, you don’t mind giving a little, you don’t mind being hungry occasionally, you don’t have prejudices, your not a racist, it’s not that you joined a network that takes advantage of the vulnerable, it’s not that you didn’t use your talents wisely, I’m sure everyone who is given the opportunity to see the images from the cloud, will be filled with a few new ideas and possibly a new heart filled with love, just saying, there is no need to be coy, or is there?,” 33 more words