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I'm Addicted to Buying Art: A Collector on How to Get Hooked

It was 1985. Jean-Michel Basquiat’s sky-lit studio on Great Jones Street was filled with manic, energetic canvases and painted objects piled every which way. Music blaring, the air spiced with turpentine and oils, we entered his alternative akimbo street life of political musings and glaring figures captured in his now well-known singular acrobatically edgy vision. 1,327 more words

John and Yoko: Dreaming Reality

When journalist David Sheff began tenaciously pursuing all possible channels to reach out to John and Yoko in hopes that they would sit for a Playboy interview in 1980, he never would have imagined that the decision might come down to the time and place of his own birth—the interview, after all, would hinge on how Yoko would interpret his horoscope. 1,132 more words


"This Ain't No MUDD CLUB or CBGB " Here's an old picture...

The MUDD CLUB and CBGB’s were the places back in the 70’s and 80’s.  Here’s a old picture of CBGB’s and The Ramones outside CBCB by the great photographer, Bob Gruen. 46 more words


Yoko Ono Celebrates Her 82nd Birthday With Two 10" LP's Featuring Antony and John Zorn | Music News

Yoko Ono Celebrates Her 82nd Birthday With Two 10″ LP’s Featuring Antony and John Zorn | Music News

by Erik Otis

Cultural icon Yoko Ono… 510 more words


Just let photographers do their job, please

The photos are timeless: A young Miles Davis shrouded in smoke, eyes closed in concentration and silver trumpet clasped like a weapon; Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant caught in mid-howl, blonde mane flying, as guitarist Jimmy Page rips out a power chord behind him; the Rolling Stones at the pinnacle of their early 1970s musical potency, Mick and Keith prowling the stage like young gods. 669 more words

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