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Zorro is Batman

When it hit me, the realization about this truth hit me hard, like a chair in the face… if someone were to hit me with a chair in the face… but never mind the chair… or my face… this post is more about dark, mystical rich vigilantes with animal names than it is about chairs or faces. 414 more words


Villains Rise In Gotham, And Finger Finally Gets The Credit

Fox gives us a reason to actually look forward to Mondays with the season two premiere of their noir hit Gotham. And this season, Batman… 478 more words

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"Sleight of Hand": the Sensei

The Sensei

b. about 1910   d. unknown

A vigilante operating on the very edges of the law. A loner ascribed phenomenal physical prowess. A creature of the night. 580 more words

Glenn Ibbitson

Bill Finger recognised

I’ve never heard of Bill Finger. Therein lies the problem. For a Batfan like me to be so ignorant of this guy is a travesty. Ask me who created the Batman and I would have said Bob Kane all day long. 292 more words


Bill Finger To Receive Credit On DC Adaptations

The co-creator of Batman, Bill Finger, has for the most part been absent from the public’s mind when it comes to famous superhero, but all of that is about to change. 204 more words