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J is for Just Do It

Whatever it is that you want to do, just go for it. Do it. Move. Take action. Stop talking about it and take that first step. 462 more words

Mental Health

I’ve been a very lucky actor. – Bob Newhart http://ift.tt/1Xhgtfk

Bob Newhart

Author's TV interview gets weird, really weird

Full disclosure, this 6 minute 22 second interview comes from a old  Bob Newhart TV show, so it is fictional. I offer it because we all deserve a laugh, especially on a Monday, and it shows what happens when an interviewer does not do his homework. 19 more words


Bob Newhart monologues 6 of 6: Bus Driver's School

Shame. It’s the last of this week’s six Bob Newhart monologues. I’ve enjoyed listening to each one, and I hope you have too.


Bob Newhart monologues 5 of 6: Ledge psychology

Number 5. Nearing the end of this week’s posting of six Bob Newhart monologues.


Bob Newhart monologues 4 of 6: King Kong

The fourth of my six Bob Newhart monologues is as good as any of the earlier ones. The laconic style of delivery is engaging. How pleasant to listen to a comedian who avoids smut and swearing.   7 more words


Bob Newhart monologues 3 of 6: Walter Raleigh

Here’s the third of the six Bob Newhart monologues. I say again, the gentle wit and humanity of the monologues makes them evergreen, even though they were recorded in the 1960’s.