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Bob Newhart monologues 4 of 6: King Kong

The fourth of my six Bob Newhart monologues is as good as any of the earlier ones. The laconic style of delivery is engaging. How pleasant to listen to a comedian who avoids smut and swearing.   7 more words


Bob Newhart monologues 3 of 6: Walter Raleigh

Here’s the third of the six Bob Newhart monologues. I say again, the gentle wit and humanity of the monologues makes them evergreen, even though they were recorded in the 1960’s.


Bob Newhart monologues 2 of 6: Defusing a bomb

This is the second of my six Bob Newhart monologues. As I said in the first of the six monologues posted here, it’s the gentle wit and humanity of one of America’s finest comedians.


Bob Newhart monologues 1 of 6: The Driving Instructor

The Bob Newhart monologues are timeless comedy, even though many were recorded in the 1960’s. This week I’m posting a series of his monologues, in dedication to the deadpan delivery, gentle wit and sheer humanity of one of America’s finest comedians.


"HORRIBLE BOSSES" (2011) Review

“HORRIBLE BOSSES” (2011) Review

The summer of 2011 provided moviegoers with a slew of what I would call raunchy black comedies. May saw the release of… 1,224 more words


The Big Bang Theory Review S9E11: The Opening Night Excitation

‘The Opening Night Excitation’ was an excellent end to the first half of the ninth season of The Big Bang Theory. It had a little bit of everything in it: romance, Star Wars, some other stuff… Well, you get the point. 313 more words

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The End Of Biological Intelligence ~ A Neptune's Pride Story

This Christmas, Eye Moustaches brings you a festive tale of intergalactic conflict, fear, betrayal, paranoia and the elimination of the free will of entire space faring civilisations by a seemingly unstoppable force of unknown origin. 2,397 more words