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Bob Rivers – Police Stop My Car

Bob Rivers – “Police Stop My Car” – (1997)

Okay, last comedy Christmas song, I promise. This really isn’t much of a Christmas song at all, which is okay, since Christmas has passed and in this world, Christmas starts at Halloween and ends at midnight the day after Christmas. 35 more words


Christmas Music: 12 Pains of Christmas, Bob Rivers

It’s just not Christmas until I hear this song. I’m in the kitchen putting together what I can for dinner tomorrow night. House is clean (-ish) and I’ll have to get some actual office work done tonight, but it’s all falling together.


Bob Rivers Comedy Corp – The Twelve Pains of Christmas

Bob Rivers Comedy Corp – “The Twelve Pains of Christmas” – (1988)

We featured two songs from Bob Rivers last week. But this is his most famous work. 91 more words


25 Days Of Chritmas Music: Day Fourteen

Hope everyone is getting their shopping done. Here’s another one from Bob Rivers and company that is perfect after a frantic weekend of holiday shopping: 7 more words


Bob Rivers Comedy Corp. - Yellow Snow! Yellow Snow! Yellow Snow!

Bob Rivers Comedy Corp. – “Yellow Snow! Yellow Snow! Yellow Snow!” – (1997)

Bob Rivers is really good at parody songs. This is obviously a parody of the classic “Let it Snow! 30 more words


25 Days Of Christmas Music: Day Eight

So our parents influence our early music interest, if you had older siblings, they too had an impact on your musical taste at some point, but it is our peers that will turn us on to what we really want to listen to. 719 more words