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PRIDE Never Die: A decade after its last event, how do we remember the crown jewel of Japanese MMA?

Put yourself there, in a floor seat at Saitama Super Arena. It’s early April 2007. Easter Sunday in Tokyo and even in the dark you can feel the enormity of the place stretching out all around you, like somebody scraped out the inside of a mountain and then sold tickets to get in. 6,553 more words


Bob Sapp vs. Danshoku Dino (DDT Ryogoku Peter Pan 2011 July 24, 2011)

AoY Podcast #101 - Halloween Special: Devilman (Live Action) Review

Also known as: “A Global War has begun, isn’t this fun everyone!”
and also: “I’m just showing up November 35th to vote…”

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ROAD FC 32 - Aorigele vs. Bob Sapp

July, 2nd, 2016


Aorigele vs. Bob Sapp


Trading Shots: In MMA, is it quality or personality that really sells?

In this week’s Trading Shots, how much do fans really care about the overall quality of competition, anyway? In a world where Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson is a star and Demetrious Johnson isn’t, it’s a question worthy of debate between MMAjunkie columnist Ben Fowlkes and retired UFC/WEC fighter Danny Downes. 1,260 more words