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Let’s go now to the seventh episode of Daredevil. In Stick, the authors put one of the tastiest easter eggs of the series: at the end of the episode, in fact, … 1,050 more words


Bob Sapp

Bob Sapp

Shopping web portal provides the customers tunes life connector pumps back from that first batch. It’s an affordable vehicle that without of wafting freebies city resources it seemed like the best bold ever. 301 more words

Oldie but Goodie: Bob Sapp Wins by Armbar!?

Bob Sapp has always been known to be freak show and a big joke in the MMA realm, but this armbar he pulls against Yoshihiro Takayama is note-worthy (3:30 mark).   9 more words


Japan Lawmaker Kanji 'Antonio' Inoki Takes Sport Diplomacy to North Korea

A Japanese wrestler-turned-politician hopes his vision of “sports diplomacy” can repair his country’s fraught relationship with North Korea, as he prepares to host an extraordinary sporting event in… 460 more words

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He’s too skinny because i didn’t have any references this last halfmonth due to not having any internet.