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Preeti Pink - Inspired by Floral Pants - Fab and Beautiful without breaking the Bank

Two of my favorite colors are pink and purple. I found these pants at Target for $10.38…what????.., they were originally $27.99; I found this on the clearance rack, didn’t seem like there was anything wrong with it so I bought it. 119 more words


Longer Days

I am so happy that the days are getting longer.  Since our cold, snowy weather and shutting goats off the pasture, it takes me a lot longer to get chores done. 23 more words



Happy New Year BOB!  Hope you all had a lovely rest and are ready to spend 2018 with your noses in a book!

Spotlight on... kitchens & bathrooms

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The kitchen is the entertaining heart of the home, and the bathroom is well and truly both the hardest worker and the calmest space. 385 more words


Sir Bob Ross

“But does this sailboat look happy enough?”

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The first BOB book and 30 followers!

Lemme first off thank you all for 30 followers and many more viewers who for a couple months have supported my blog beyond support. I love the new things im getting to write about and I cant wait for the future of blogging for me! 288 more words

¡La princesa Charlotte habla español!

La princesa Charlotte, hija menor de los duques de Cambridge, se ha robado el corazón de medio planeta con su ternura y los latinos ahora caemos rendidos a sus pies al enterarnos de que la pequeña habla español. 295 more words