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Mountains, pt. 2

While Bob was in the mountains he went snow trekking. He had a lot of fun!

Bob can be a little clumsy, but Bob even had fun falling down. Bob’s funny like that.

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Bob, Agent of Hydra บุรุษธรรมดาคู่ขา Deadpool

ประวัติ: Bob

… ไม่ว่าจะมองยังไง Bob คือชายธรรมาดาสามัญที่ผันตัวเข้าสู่องค์กร Hydra เพราะเมียบ่นว่าเค้าไม่มีงานทำ โดยแรกเริ่มที่เข้า Hydra ก็เพราะคิดว่าเค้าจะได้รับสวัสดิการทำฟันจากองค์กร… ซึ่งมันไม่มี 40 more words



The one who told us
that death is something endless
was a stakeholder


The Mountains, pt. 1

Bob decided to drive to the mountains. Bob likes mountains! He climbed the highest one he could find, then declared it to be Mount Bob.

Life Of Bob

Commitment — Feb 10 Meeting Recap

It was a night full of commitments…

After our Toastmaster James shared the story of his courtship and eventual commitment to the love of his life — Liberty Village Toastmasters — two of our newest members showed their own commitment to improving themselves by presenting their Icebreakers. 139 more words

Meeting Summary

Welcome Ben

Time has gotten away from me again, but it is time to start cataloging the details of this crazy life again since we recently became a party of 5.  449 more words

Snowball Fight!

Bob likes snowball fights. He spent the afternoon making lots of snowballs. Then he waited. He forgot to invite anyone else to the snowball fight. Poor Bob is still waiting…

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