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No, not the show! But yes, I have once again chopped off my hair. I’ve definitely gone through quite a ride with my locks as I had hair up to my waist at one point. 607 more words

A Visit To Moppy & Friends

Last weekend I went to Jakarta to meet our beloved fellow creature named Moppy. He is a dog to whom my love will always flow even later when he is gone. 302 more words


Frank and Bob: Blissful Ignorance

Frank: You hurt my feelings Bob.

Bob: I already apologized for the fridge.

Frank: What happened to the-

Bob: -Nothin’. Nothing at all. What’s going on? 241 more words


Brunette Textured Lob

The textured lob – it seems like everyone is doing it! Join the movement!
Cut and style by Shelby Pence.


Presence. Just A Place You'd Rather Be

While practicing presence there have been some recognizable milestones that may mark progress … It’s tricky to discuss presence tho.

Meditation had a draw … Did help cope, recover, and progress … 110 more words


Frank and Bob: Broccoli 2

Bob: It all started as a joke.Pretend that you’ve never tasted or heard of broccoli, in theory it was funny. The real treasure was seeing Frank freak out over the fact that I’ve never even heard of broccoli despite eating it in earlier that month. 228 more words


Frank and Bob: Broccoli

Frank: I made us some chicken and Broccoli, eat up.

Bob: Chicken and what?

Frank: Broccoli.

Bob: Brock-Lee? Like Bruce Lee’s estranged brother? 136 more words