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Somewhere in my wildest childhood I must have done something right. Being able to make a boyhood dream come true is one thing, but to have a kid come along and thrill his dad like Brett Hull has thrilled me over his career is too much for one guy to handl http://ift.tt/1WarL82

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“To play the game is good, to win is better, but to love the game is best of all” 700 more words


jet blue

The American artist LeRoy Neiman didn’t get to the rink until he was well into his career as a painter, but he did keep coming back once he’d arrived. 108 more words

Hockey Art

Why Cats Paint

There’s a good reason why I haven’t updated this site regularly at all this season. Aside from doing pass tracking for Ryan Stimson, I haven’t been able to muster the desire to talk much about the Blackhawks this year because the way the team has managed off-the-ice problems has been a complete fucking joke. 2,378 more words


Cult of Hockey: Oilers are least likely Canadian team to make 2016-17 playoffs? Huh!?

This in from Matt Larkin of The Hockey News, his notion that of the seven Canadian NHL teams, all of which failed to make the playoffs this year, the Oilers are least likely to turn it around next year and make the 2016-17 playoffs. 778 more words

Cult Of Hockey

Pittsburgh Penguins: What Went Wrong?

Who is my nominee for the most bewildering and most confused team in the NHL? The runaway winner is the Pittsburgh Penguins. They have been that way for several years now. 696 more words

Best wishes to two Bobbys. Bobby Taylor and Bobby Hull

I must be old because I find myself living in the past a lot these days.
I’m 63 and a sports writer with the Toronto Star. 434 more words