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The Night before New Hampshire and all was Unknown

With the New Hampshire Primary tomorrow, the campaigning is coming to an end and despite all the coverage, no one can say with any sort of certainty who the winners will be (both in the primary and in the media following the votes). 1,152 more words

Eric Duffy

Sand Martins and Martinets (a Day at the Seaside)

Sand martins and martinets
martinets in the sand
martinets and marionettes
a holiday wind

yesterday’s perm
all blown to hell
sister spreads oil
on her arms and legs… 28 more words


Bernie Sanders as John the Baptist

The Democratic Party is in trouble. Politically, philosophically, spiritually, demographically. Bernie Sanders won’t save the party or win the presidency. But he is setting the scene for the party’s reform and renewal. 409 more words


Great men of the sixties...and Rush Limbaugh

Could not suck enough image out of the black and white TV in the sixties..how could a twelve year old kid be so obsessed?

People of power actually began and ended with JFK, he of the incredible good looks, enormous sexual appetites, and fabulous sense of humor. 473 more words

The Mythology of Bobby Kennedy

In his review of David Halberstram’s journalistic profile of Robert Kennedy, William Spragens writes that the author “feels Robert Kennedy was a transitional figure in American politics, with an understanding of the old politics but also with a rare feeling for the new politics.” 2,921 more words


Fidel’s niece, Mariela Castro, leads Cuba’s LGBT revolution

It is awesome that two women from opposite sides of history can come together now to unite for an amazing cause.

HAVANA — The moment that Mariela Castro Espin met Rory Kennedy on a Monday evening in early December seemed to encapsulate all the promise of a Cuba in transition as relations with America thaw.

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Let’s talk Profiling

I found this over at QUICKWIT’S blog.
I shamelessly stole it.

A lot of Americans have become so insulated from reality.

Absolutely No Profiling!
Pause a moment, reflect back, and take the following multiple choice test. 665 more words