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David Silvey's Project Artichoke

I write The Jeffersonian because political ethics is my favorite subject. It’s also an important one. Almost all the articles here deal with the ways power can have good effects, or bad ones. 201 more words


Joe Biden and the Kennedys: Profiles in Service and Tragedy

Thinking about Joe Biden’s decision on whether to run for the Democratic presidential nomination, the Kennedys come to mind. All the brothers.

Like the Kennedys, Biden is Irish-American, with a fanatical sense of public service and family. 168 more words


David Silvey's Project Artichoke: Overview

I last saw Zodiac murder victim Darlene Ferrin at her house painting party in Vallejo, California on May 24, 1969. Two overly dressed, strange men came to Darlene’s house that night, men that I have known about since the early sixties. 1,829 more words

Bobby Kennedy

Introduction to David Silvey's Project Artichoke

This manuscript is an attempt to chronicle the observations and direct participation of one man in the events that led up to a psycho circus of U. 552 more words

Bobby Kennedy

I'll Remember It For You, No Charge

It was the reference to Bobby Kennedy that was the gut punch. I won’t know if a Hollywood writer tossed in the line about Ferris F. 1,247 more words

Toulouse Street

CIA safe houses and mind control experiments

Tonight I told my best friend how I stayed up so late last night, when I had a chance to go to bed early. Why did I stay up so late? 686 more words

Bobby Kennedy

Obscene story

So we’re doing well here. That is, I check visits to this site since I wrote a couple of posts about Bobby Kennedy and David Silvey, and I see no traffic. 265 more words

Bobby Kennedy