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The Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy: Questions, Hints and Allegations

Roger’s note: just like paranoids can have real enemies, conspiracy theorists can have real conspiracies.

“Robert Kennedy’s death, like the President’s … was perceived as random…. 2,335 more words

United in Our Unhappiness; United in Our Solution?

One of the great benefits of the way I experience grief is, my house gets cleaner. The news of the United Airways/Chicago police assault of an innocent passenger who just wanted to get home and to take care of his patients hit me hard.   768 more words

The Happiness Movement

#DigiLitSunday: Story

At the beginning:

Stories . .  . ahh . . . the dreaded narratives.  Those writing pieces with story arcs or mountains, plots, characters, . . 370 more words

DigiLit Sunday

Hillary Clinton Returns to Wellesley and Rips Trump with Nixon Comparison

Hillary Clinton Returns to Wellesley and Rips Trump with Nixon Comparison

To wild cheers at her alma mater, where she made a fiery speech nearly 50 years ago, Clinton condemns ‘assault on truth and reason’ and issues rallying cry: ‘Don’t let anyone tell you your voice doesn’t matter’ 2,259 more words



Comedian and actor Jerry Lewis has been around for a long time, and the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon he founded for decades.

A theme that came to be associated with the telethon call for contributions was “Do it for Jerry’s kids”. 682 more words


I’ve kind of had a long running conversation with someone I know about Democrats vs Republicans that’s gotten a little weird at times.

My contention has been that once you move beyond the rhetoric more than a few similarities abound – that the tit for tat of I know you are but what am I and the yes you did no I didn’t is more formulaic than anything else. 1,132 more words

"I Am Not Your Negro"

In the words of James Baldwin (1924-1987) and in the voice of Samuel L. Jackson, viewers of the documentary ” I Am Not Your Negro”, (2017) see in a profound glimpse into the racial divide in the United States of America. 756 more words