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Easy messy updo Friday

So today I was inspired to try and pull my hair in an updo. I don’t like pulling my hair back in a ponytail and I don’t have that much hair to play with. 123 more words

Non Classé

Testing Pinterest Beauty Hacks

Helloooo everyone! Today I’m going to be testing out some beauty hacks I found on Pinterest. Are they legit?? Guess you’ll have to keep reading to find out! 394 more words


Why is a bobby pin called a bobby pin?

In 1899 the bobbing pin came into wide use as the hairstyle known as the “bob cut” or “bobbed hair” took hold. It was invented in Paris by Robert (Bobby) Pinot. 36 more words

Cyndi's Alway Curious

Life Status: Currently holding it all together with one bobby pin!

Do you know the days you wake up in the morning and you know that this day is going to be awesome?! The moments you don’t know if you’re still dreaming? 434 more words

Personal Thoughts

Held Together by a Bobby Pin

As I was out driving around tonight, I was reflecting on all the changes that have happened in my life over the last year. You would think thoughts of relationship changes, college changes, city changes, degree changes, or personality changes would be the first things to come to my mind, but no, they weren’t. 1,095 more words

Lost no more

Are you always losing your bobby pins? Can’t find them anywhere? With this clever and useful invention, you can avoid this problem!

Email us for the instructions!