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Supernatural Rewatch Recap - Season 4 - Episode 20 - The Rapture

Supernatural – Season 4 – Episode 20

The Rapture

Important Moments:

Sam is starting to show signs of addiction to demon blood, and is also demonstrating a reliance on it when he fights, which doesn’t work out so well. 789 more words


SUPERNATURAL: Hey, Idjits, Bobby is Back for an Episode

Bobby Singer, played by Jim Beaver, has been missed dreadfully since he was last seen on Supernatural in season 10 in the episode “Inside Man”, in which he helped Sam and Dean from Heaven.  31 more words


Tea Review -- Bobby Singer

Blend: Bobby Singer

Description (From website):

This deep nutty tea reflects the older and wiser Bobby. The aniseed reflects his overwhelming experience and fatherly behavior to Sam and Dean (those idgits).

181 more words
Adagio Tea

Bobby Returns

Supernatural News

Bobby and Rufus To Return

Good news everybody! Supernatural mainstay, and original cast member, Bobby Singer, will be returning for an episode in season 11. 176 more words


Funko News: Independence Day and Supernatural!

Release news from Funko!  The trailers are out for the sequel, soon to be in theatres, but Funko’s gone back to the original “Independence Day” movie for new Pop! 105 more words


Supernatural: The Return of Bobby Singer

Bobby Singer remains the only character besides Sam and Dean to have appeared in every season of Supernatural. He’s played by the talented and versatile actor… 171 more words


Supernatural Hellatus Relief, Part 15

Here is part one in case you’re just hitting this site and Here is part 15


 Sam, Dean, and Cas enter Hell and make their way to the seventh level. 2,453 more words