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Day 46

Neighbors: another word for extended family, but cooler and won’t tell on you to your parents.

So blessed to be able to come home for a holiday, like Halloween, and truly feel at home no matter what house I’m in. 39 more words

Supernatural Rewatch Recap - Season 4 - Episode 14 - Sex and Violence

Supernatural – Season 4 – Episode 14

Sex and Violence

Important Moments:

Dean hears Sam on the phone, and when Dean asks him what he was doing, he tells him he was it the bathroom and doesn’t mention the phone call, which seemed like something important. 639 more words


Awesome Fanfic Recommendation: Triple your fun by Aurilia

So, I’ve actually got a little mini-series of fics to present to you today.

They’re Harry Potter and Supernatural cross-over, and I not-so-secretly love them. The author, I think, does a great job at combining the two worlds in a believable way. 32 more words

Scifi And Scary

The. Best. Show. Evah!

In honor of Supernatural‘s tenth season finally being made available for devouring on Netflix, I figured I’d devote a bit of space to my favorite bit of television fluff. 1,600 more words

Living Conditions

5 People We Would Want By Our Side During An Apocalypse

This 5 Fandom Friday ought to be interesting – and awesome. We’re not huge fans of zombies and the likes, but, we won’t lie, we have given the possibility of an apocalypse – zombies or not – some thought. 576 more words

Harry Potter

Weekend At Bobby's : On the Nature of Friends

The team of Rufus and Bobby is one of my favorites. We didn’t get to see nearly as much of them as we should, but at least got some small reconciliation, just before Bobby’s death. 921 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester

Supernatural: 8 Characters Who Could Return in Season 11

In Season 11 of Supernatural, Sam and Dean Winchester will face what may be the greatest foe of all time—the Darkness. Most of what we know about the Darkness came from Death before he was dispatched by Dean: 1,491 more words