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season 4 vs. Season 6 Bobby

So in season 4, Bobby is all annoyed with Dean because he isn’t inclined to forgive his brother for you know, all the blood drinking, running off with Ruby, beating him to a pulp and leaving him on the floor thing. 216 more words

Bobby Returning to 'Supernatural' for One Episode

A lot of people have died on ‘Supernatural’, but one of them is coming back, at least for one episode.

According to Variety, Jim Beaver will be reprising his role as Bobby Singer for the episode Inside Man that airs April 1. 363 more words


Supernatural Characters!

As with any long-running show, its characters are what make Supernatural great. It’s gone through a lot of them, and most of them end up dead, but there are always the central few who stick around (despite dying quite a bit themselves) and form the heart of the show. 608 more words

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Supernatural Episode Guide: Meet the Winchesters

Supernatural is grounded in the relationship between the Winchester brothers. As individual characters, Sam and Dean engage us, but it’s their relationship as brothers that really draws us in. 3,474 more words

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Dean Winchester. Out of the fire and back in the frying pan, huh? Makes you a rare individual.

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