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What has happened to our ANGELS?

It shocked me to think that Zachariah was coming back to my favourite show, and one of my, if not my favourite angel. I remembered I was over the moon. 1,004 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester

Some Assembly Required

Director: Charles Beeson
Cinematographer: Serge Ladouceur
Episode: 3.04, “Sin City”

Serge Ladouceur

Supernatural Season 6

Spoilers for all seasons abound, so don’t continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled for most of the seasons.

Let’s get some of the bad out of the way. 2,299 more words


My first trip to a Con - Part 5!

Last month I could finally go to a Supernatural Convention in Vancouver. I was SO exited and happy about it that I wrote five part con report about it. 12 more words

Inner Child

Director: Robert Singer
Cinematographer: Serge Ladouceur
Episode: 7.10, “Death’s Door”

Serge Ladouceur