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The Spine of my Supernatural Fandom

As I’ve been catching up on Supernatural, I realized over the last few days one of the things that makes the show so attractive to me: … 304 more words

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FunkoNatural: Angels & Idjits (Video)

Angels & Idjits

Cartoon ‘Funko Pop’ Sam Winchester, and Dean Winchester, with Bobby Singer, in our version of scenes from “Lazarus Rising”.

We hope you get a laugh out of it!

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Hi. Glad to meet you. Bobby Singer, paranoid bastard.

How many tracking devices can one put in a vehicle without being considered paranoid? Hypothetically of course… Do you suppose 8 are too many?

When I first picked up Ghost in Tennessee, the sellers advised me to put two tracking devises in him just in case someone stole him… How can you not freak out when you hear that?  427 more words

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Supernatural Rewatch Recap - Season 4 - Episode 6 - Yellow Fever

Supernatural – Season 4 – Episode 6

Yellow Fever

Plot Summary:

The episode opens with a funny scene that shows Dean is far from over the psychological trauma of going to Hell. 1,032 more words


ALIENS - Exodus 2:22


I have been a sojourner in a strange land.

Mother burned on the ceiling turning father, elder son and baby sojourners.  Newly cursed the shattered family became nomads ever moving.  422 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester

Supernatural - An Overview Part 1: The Heroes

Supernatural has been running for ten years, and remains one of my favourite shows. Fact is, there’s a lot to like. Let’s start with the array of supernatural creatures; wendigos, witches, ghosts, vampires, demons, werewolfs, killer clowns – you name it, they’ve had it. 1,810 more words

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