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Supernatural Rewatch Recap - Season 5 - Episode 20 - The Devil You Know

Supernatural – Season 5 – Episode 20

The Devil You Know

Plot Moments:

Sam and Dean go to investigate an outbreak of Swine Flu. Driving away from the town, Crowley shows up in the backseat of the Impala. 436 more words


Donald Trump is A Swamp Monster

So now there’s proof that he is in fact an actual Swamp Monster.  I was watching an Episode from Season 7 of Supernatural, wherein a spunky and hilarious hacker, played by new Mom to be, Miss Felicia Day, hacks into personal emails belonging to the leader of the leviathans, Dick Roman.   131 more words

A Supernatural Season Without Bobby?

In every season of The Show, we’ve been treated to wisdom filled one liners by one of the famdom’s favorite characters.  Bobby always gets the best lines, and always teaches The Boys some life lesson.   401 more words

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Supernatural Rewatch Recap - Season 5 - Episode 18 - Point of No Return

Supernatural – Season 5 – Episode 18

Point of No Return

Notable Plot Moments:

Dean is writing a note to Bobby and folding his leather jacket and car keys into a box to mail to Bobby, as he’s decided to say yes to Michael. 708 more words


Favourite Supernatural Episodes - Blogvember 2016.

I know I was supposed to be posting every other day, but life happens and I got ill but it’s here now, have no fear, for the Winchester’s are here! 704 more words


Counsel of War vs. Supper at Emmaus

Director: Kim Manners
Cinematographer: Serge Ladouceur
Episode: 2.22, “All Hell Breaks Loose (II)”

SPN – All Hell Breaks Loose (II)

Caravaggio – Supper at Emmaus… 17 more words

Serge Ladouceur