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Brow’s Theory on Al-Qaeda’s REAL Vow to Change the Face of History

It is received wisdom that intercepts by US Intelligence captured a vow by Al Qaeda to “change the face of history.” This resulted in US action to close embassies around the world as precaution.  407 more words


Santa's Coming! I KNOW HIM!!!!!

Yesterday was a hard day at work. The Christmas rush has already begun and I am done with it already. I know it’s going to get worse from here, I know it’s coming but there is something about this year that seems that I don’t have the patience of past years for the retail shenanigans. 392 more words


Obama Receives Nobel Prize in Literature Citing Hemingway as an Inspiration

USA Today had a howler today where Obama’s efforts with Health Care Reform were likened to the effort of Santiago to bring home his prized marlina in “The Old Man and The Sea.” The article quoted from the new David Corn book.  158 more words


Bobnoxious ~ The Tour Guy!

When Bobnoxious goes anywhere he completely embraces his new surroundings and nearly becomes one of the locals. By the time we arrived, he had the place completely figured out… he knew all the ins and outs, where the cool shows were, the best tourist stuff and so on. 436 more words

Good Friends

Just Die Baby

Somewhere in Hell, Al Davis awaits the arrival of the Doppelganger Dictator, Kim Jung Il.  With both Al Davis and the Korean Despot dying in the same year it will bleak for future sales of ill-fitting satin workout suits and dark sunglasses. 19 more words


Will the Buffet Rule impact Tax Free Municipal Bonds?

Short answer is “How Can It Not?”  When the effective rate of taxation is raised on an investment, then less capital will flow to that investment.   377 more words