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Helping the Bobolink and Meadowlark

Some of you have been asking how you can delay your hay cutting to help ensure successful breeding of grass land birds.  Open pastures and hay fields provide important habitat for two grassland bird species: … 401 more words


Fly Me Away

Did you ever just sit and wonder what to do next? 183 more words



On our Klamath Bird Observatory field trip today we had several trip birds but the Bobolinks trumped all others.    
These Bobolinks were found along the Central Patrol Road at P Ranch on the Malheur NWR, and then later along Lava Bed Road and Diamond Loop Road at the foot of the Steens Mountain.


Photo of the Week - June 12, 2015

While I was doing some vegetation monitoring in a native hay meadow this morning, I found a bobolink nest.

If you’re not familiar with grassland nesting birds, the idea of building a nest right on the ground might seem pretty silly and dangerous.   328 more words


Animals | The name's Bobo...Bobolink

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By JimCumming

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Dear Friends, this male bobolink sings from a small bush in Necedah National Wildlife Refuge in central Wisconsin.  We went there to see the spring Whooping Cranes but they were all too far away for good pictures, so we settled on the smaller birds.   28 more words


Birds Say, "Keep Your Distance."

Nesting birds really don’t want us around. They go about their business gathering nesting supplies without our assistance but we can help them anyway. 205 more words