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By JimCumming

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Dear Friends, this male bobolink sings from a small bush in Necedah National Wildlife Refuge in central Wisconsin.  We went there to see the spring Whooping Cranes but they were all too far away for good pictures, so we settled on the smaller birds.   28 more words


Birds Say, "Keep Your Distance."

Nesting birds really don’t want us around. They go about their business gathering nesting supplies without our assistance but we can help them anyway. 205 more words


Looking for Bobolinks

This morning I volunteered to help look for Bobolinks and Savannah Sparrows. As part of a long-term study to learn about the health of ground-nesting bird populations, the idea today was to look for birds that had been banded in the past. 417 more words


The slow road home

Coming home last Sunday, I took the scenic route.  Somehow my GPS knew that I had some time for exploring.  (For an instrument so obsessed with the word “recalculating,” it is still pretty smart.)  This is the Martin Bridge, a covered bridge built in 1890 on a Vermont farm.  72 more words



Check out this bobolink!  Before yesterday I had never heard of it!  Imagine my surprise when I saw this bird I had never even heard of not ten miles from my house!   52 more words


Of Bobolinks and Bishops: Rules for Conspicuous Grassland and Wetland Birds

Low Open Grasslands

In the simplest terms, our story begins over 50 million years ago with a single species of bird.  This bird looked nothing like a meadowlark or a longclaw; those were still millions of years in the future.  1,058 more words

Convergent Evolution