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We all know of the “murder of crows”  and “exaltation of larks.”  Flock is accurate but so general.  There are many fine avian collective nouns flying about in English. 234 more words



Indeed it is, gay songbird of America.

Clustered atop yon broad-leafed maple tree

In Vermont’s rolling hills.

Trusting bird, nesting in knee-high grassy field

Amid predators, beast and man, but a… 142 more words


Cap Tormente

At Cap Tormente you can choose a number of different hikes that wind through different bird habitats; down by the shores of the St. Lawrence, through meadows, the woods or the cliffs where raptors nest. 140 more words

Meadow as Fashion

I was at American Eagle, in the mall, with my daughter two days ago. This is not a frequent haunt of mine but she needed some new shorts and knew she could find some there that fit well, plus there was a sale, and there I was, the dad of the pre-teen in the land of the young. 530 more words


Bobolinks, Savannah sparrows, Friday Faces, and more!

Last week, two friends, one a bird watcher and the other a photographer, suggested that I should visit a park in a neighboring county where there is an over-abundance of bobolinks (if such a thing is possible). 462 more words


Helping the Bobolink and Meadowlark

Some of you have been asking how you can delay your hay cutting to help ensure successful breeding of grass land birds.  Open pastures and hay fields provide important habitat for two grassland bird species: … 401 more words