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Why Millennials Choose To Join Corporate America Over Becoming Entrepreneurs

Millennials have a reputation for ditching their nine-to-fives for entrepreneurship. But in terms of young people actually going out to start their own businesses, this perception is very different from reality. 563 more words

Boca Raton Florida

There’s never been a better time to live la vida Boca

Driving south on Florida’s scenic A1A from Delray Beach, there’s a strip called Highland Beach that hugs the coast and serves as a gateway into Boca Raton. 822 more words

Boca Raton Florida

Amazon launches grocery pick-up stores in Seattle

Online retailer attempts to drive into the $800bn US grocery market

Amazon has opened its first full-offering grocery pick-up stores in Seattle, in its latest push to test brick-and-mortar concepts and gain a foothold in the elusive US grocery market. 442 more words

Boca Raton Florida

The Weird Comfort of Florida Tacky

On a warm morning in Daytona Beach last month, I stood on the balcony to my room at a Holiday Inn, looking out. I wasn’t staring at another beautiful sunrise, but instead at an orange Dodge Charger. 973 more words

Boca Raton Florida

Slater Wavepool Proposed for Florida

As the 11x world champ embarks on quite possibly the final season of his competitive career, on the side, Slater’s been building his post-tour retirement plan. 288 more words

Boca Raton Florida

Florida Poised to Strengthen ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense

MIAMI — Florida, which spearheaded the country’s use of the Stand Your Ground defense, is poised to significantly alter its self-defense laws, making it easier for defendants to use them. 1,221 more words

Boca Raton Florida

Video shows passerby shooting Florida deputy's attacker

Video recently released by Florida authorities shows the moment a passerby fatally shot a man attacking a Florida deputy in a November incident.

On Nov. 14, Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Dean Bardes was being attacked by 53-year-old Edward Strother when the deputy pleaded for the help of a witness, who shot and killed the suspect, according to a Lee County Sheriff’s Office police report. 601 more words

Boca Raton Florida