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Bocce: Captain captures victory for squad, team wins states

The bocce team took to the courts once again on Feb. 22, this time looking to earn themselves a second state championship in a span of three years. 443 more words


New York Bocce Volo

Last month we visited New York City and were lucky enough to have unseasonably warm weather and no snow. At lunchtime we were sitting in Bryant Park, behind the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue and I watched there three older gentlemen also outside enjoying the weather with a game of bocce volo. 10 more words


Bocce team wins counties, progresses to states

The bocce team has once again wrapped up both the division and conference championships and is now looking to add another state title to their list of accomplishments. 363 more words


#140 Bocce Ball

“Do come! We’re playing bocce in the basement. We don’t know the rules. I believe we’re all losing. So all in all, it’s a very fair game, I think.”


Drunk, Fat and Sad: Bocce and Vegas

So I was watching Manchester United and I am sure they won.

After watching the game I rolled back to bed for a quick nap before meeting up with some friends in a local park. 1,410 more words


Bocce on rise: corollary sports offer opportunities

Bocce is one of those sports that goes somewhat unnoticed among the student body, but this year that is going to change.
Bocce is considered a corollary sport, meaning that spots on the team are open and designed for students with or without disabilities, who are interested in playing on a school athletics team. 290 more words


Top 10 American Bocce Moments of 2016 (Pt. 1)

  1. Team Building Trips

We kicked off the year with a week in Cancun for Alicia’s Dirty 30! The Core 4 + Bocce Legends The Sisters Briglio stretched the limits of margarita intake over an unforgettable 8 day stretch. 705 more words