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What is your perception on Bodhisattva?

Some of the people, might have  a wrong perception on Bodhisattva, they might think that Bodhisattvas are the statues placed on the altar at home or in the monastery or  in the temple. 249 more words


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Some of my friends asking ” What is the benefit of receiving Bodhisattva Precepts?”

To receive Bodhisattva precepts, it’s the best gift that I can give to myself in this life. 220 more words


Taking Refuge in the Dharma

Let me be heretical for a minute: I don’t think that AA (or NA, or Life Ring, or any other structured recovery program — I’m a drunk, so for my purposes I talk about AA) is a good way to stop drinking. 726 more words

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Better Late Than Never: Taking Refuge in the Buddha, Part 2

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been scrambling around to make some things happen in my professional life.  It’s an experience I’ve been grateful for, but it also means that I’m running late on writing this.   1,012 more words

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Livin' Like a Refugee: Taking Refuge in the Buddha, Part 1

Programming note: Because this started to run long, it’s the first part in a series.  I don’t know how long it’ll go (I’m wordy) but I’ll publish part 2 next week. 1,251 more words

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i vow not to kill

A few months ago when I was at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in Carmel, CA, I asked my teacher Linda for the Bodhisattva precepts.  It was an important decision, and also a very easy decision because I knew that I wanted to live my life with an understanding of them, with a deep awareness and practice of Buddhist ethics in my life. 1,367 more words