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Full bodied cooperation and the undoing of negativity

Original post from Bonnie Origen on The Wisdom Journal with some (my) additional thoughts. Thanks, Bonnie!

Humanity’s expansion carries with it strains and dis-harmonies that are the inevitable effect of aspiration and application. 702 more words


I've met a Bodhisattva...

Yesterday, Little Black was celebrating 3rd year birthday, the day he came to our home as our dearest family member. He was sick since young, he had fungal infection and on long time medication. 447 more words


Everyday is a Battle

by James C. Stephens

Thursday-January 27, 1972

Phil Toy, Ken Tapola and I got a house which we had been chanting for. The house is going to be great for meetings. 480 more words

Crazy City Where the Deer & The People Co-Mingle

Nara, Japan is a city where deer roam free throughout the streets, shrines, temples, and sidewalks. The concept was intriguing to me, so I took a day trip to this tiny town outside of Kyoto, Japan. 337 more words


Reshakubuked Two Jesus Freaks

by James C. Stephens

Tuesday, September 7, 1971

Quite hot and humid because of the rain yesterday. Dad did Gongyo together with me. It took an hr and 10 minutes, but we did it. 194 more words

Now Is the Time, Part Two, by Bob Allen

Now is the Time: Part Two, by Bob Allen

Bob facilitates the Fish Lake Sangha in Orlando, Florida. His novel takes on the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings concludes with Part Two – the final seven trainings. 1,667 more words

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