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She curls in my arm,
head on my chest, offers
a gentle smile which melts
me and I stroke
her small shoulder,
as Sid the Sloth… 39 more words


Swat Valley, seated Avalokiteshvara (2)

This is an interesting sculpture of Avalokiteshvara in his padmapani form, holding a large lotus flower with six petals identical in design to his earrings, seated on a hassock with a cut-out floral design over a single lotus base, a leg pendant, the foot resting on what looks like a single lotus petal. 251 more words

Asian Art

Swat Valley, seated Avalokiteshvara

This bodhisattva displays the abhaya mudra with his right hand while holding a pot of water in the other. He is adorned with a crown, large floral earrings and matching armbands, a beaded necklace and bangles, a sacred thread. 268 more words

Asian Art

shine your light...

If we keep our own light selfishly hidden, it will only provide a limited amount of illumination. But when we share our light with others, we do not diminish our own light. 22 more words



I have a problem.


I am a bodhisattva, I THINK. But I’m not sure- I wish to see maya before i leave this realm or whatever you call it. 33 more words

Swat Valley, various bodhisattvas

This rare sculpture depicts Manjushri, the bodhisattva of wisdom, holding in his left hand the stem of a lotus that supports a manuscript. His right hand does the gesture of supreme generosity. 224 more words

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Day One - Tokyo

Arrived in Tokyo yesterday after a 14 hour flight from New York. Although long, I must say the Boeing 787 is kind to economy class passengers in terms of room. 454 more words