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Nepal, Avalokiteshvara - shadbhuja

In his one-head and six-arm form (shadbhuja), Avalokiteshvara sits with a leg pendant, holding a fly whisk, a thunderbolt and a noose in his right hands, a… 121 more words

Asian Art

The Path of the Bodhisattva

According to Anne Klein (the Buddhist teacher, not the fashion designer :), “A bodhisattva is someone whose purpose is to benefit others in every possible way, especially to free them from ignorance and from bondage to a sense of self…You’re a bodhisattva when you never waiver from your powerful aspiration to be of benefit to everyone, not just in meditation but throughout daily life… 358 more words



Kannon, have compassion
for us, as if you
could do otherwise.
We don’t seek wisdom,
that’s out
of your department.
We all seek enlightenment
as if it is some… 28 more words


Three Hundred Fifty Five Million

The waveform people took it.
The form of love between us,
the gravity.
Back to their mansion in the woods,
on a planet
three hundred fifty five million… 81 more words


51 Vows

Source: 51 Vows | Great Middle Way


by Tashi Nyima

Aug 14, 2016

Refuge Vows

  1. I shall repeatedly take Refuge, recollecting the qualities of the Three Jewels.
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