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Pala India, Shadakshari Lokeshvara

Seated in the vajra position, Avalokiteshvara has two hands in prayer and another two  holding a rosary and a lotus flower. This ‘Shadakshari Lokeshvara’ form is  thought to be the embodiment of the ‘ 156 more words

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Pala India, Maitreya - seated

Maitreya is seated at royal ease on a double-lotus base with a long-stemmed (broken) lotus to his left, adorned with silver-inlaid jewellery.

The stupa in his headdress tells us of his identity. 89 more words

Asian Art

Memento Mori: Twilight in Paradise

The lament of an evil man on the eve of death:

“It is twilight in paradise 
And the end of my idle life
Of lavish pleasure is nigh. 163 more words

Pala India, Maitreya - standing

Maitreya is identified thanks to the stupa in his headdress. The rigid legs, the style of the double lotus base, the tall chignon,  and the body proportions are all typical of early Pala Indian works. 204 more words

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Let's Have That Revolution!

I will assume that anyone reading this has heard this before, “If you do not find peace within yourself, you will not find it anywhere.”  So perhaps you have heard it before or maybe this is the first time, either way, “It’s true!”  Our Nation and the World around us would not be witnessing what it is today if everyone were to take this to heart, embrace it, and live it.  718 more words

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Pala India, Manjushri at royal ease

Seated with his right knee raised to support the forearm and his left leg folded, Manjushri holds the root of a blue lotus in his left hand and a flower in the other, adorned with a small tiara with large side bows, a thin celestial scarf, simple jewellery. 178 more words

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Pala India, Manjuvajra Manjushri

This esoteric form of Manjushri has three faces and six arms. The main hands are crossed over the chest, each holding a vajra, the upper hands once held a sword and a bow, the other two held the stem of a lotus and an arrow. 158 more words

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