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The Spiritual Warrior

Hola mi gente,
This is a work in progress. A very rough of the second part of my upcoming presentation.

The Spiritual Warrior and the Runaway Society… 380 more words

You are not Kuan Yin of a thousand hands

Before you pick up the next thing
please put down something you’re holding:
keep the balance

© Meisaan Chan



The past and the future seem to combine endlessly in Kyoto. The streets are almost unsettlingly clean, public transport is everywhere, you can buy almost anything, at any time, I’ve never had better internet connectivity and while shopping for a mobile phone simcard I was interrupted by a robot asking if it could help. 1,366 more words


Aspiration to Meet Ariya Metteyya 

May I, through this meritorious deed, be born in my next life in the city of Tusita, the beautiful dwelling-place of the gods.

May I listen to the preaching of Lord Metteyya and enjoy great glory with him for a long time.

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Superhero, humble

In times of cultural trouble, images of the superhero arise — Batman, Zorro, Luke Cage, Dust, Wonder Woman. In some ways they are the we… 282 more words

Buddhist Blabbetty Blabbetty

07/01/17 - Ten Thousand To The Power of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Okay, this is where the trip really gets started. All that fun stuff I promised in the first few entries, fronted by a blog post that talked about… 1,141 more words