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Rippled Ribbon

I felt like an angel that night for you
Without acquiescence of your cry
Only of your truth, wrapped in a brilliant bow of baby powder blues… 114 more words


The linguistic bodhisattva

In Buddhism, a bodhisattva is someone who could attain pure enlightenment and transcend to Nirvana, but chooses instead to remain on earth to help other beings come closer to enlightenment. 840 more words

Language And Linguistics

The Tale of a Bodhisattva

Nearly every day I run across some previously unknown person or event relative to Cranbrook’s history. My latest obsession is with a Chinese wall painting purchased in 1939 by George Booth for the Art Museum’s collection. 576 more words


no half heartedness, follow the light...

in for the long haul.

practice self-care and care for others during this challenging time.

this world needs authentic, open hearted, fierce bodhisattvas offering healing where destructive forces lay waste.

keep your light shining.



​The mind is buddha


Taibai once asked Baso, “What is Buddha?” Baso answered, “Mind is Buddha.”

Mumon’s poem

A fine day under the blue sky!

Don’t foolishly look here and there.

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Buddha Maitreya

Don't Bother Me (video)

This teaching was recorded on 10/23/17 in my home in Kansas City Missouri. It’s about my experience volunteering with the Rime Center group and some visiting college students at Harvesters. 83 more words


Bodhisattva Road: November 2017

Buddhism is Simple

We think of the Buddha as this grand spiritual teacher, but what if he wasn’t? I picture the Buddha as a practical person. 128 more words