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Ancient Mind Filling Infant Eyes

Ancient mind
infant eyes.

impotent flesh.

Feeling wrongness
from first

Letting loose
a primal scream
of the alienated
and dispossessed.

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These 6 Things are Practiced by Bodhisattvas. — The Tattooed Buddha


That said, we aren’t cultivating these things with enlightenment or some other goal in mind. We’re really cultivating them because we know that is the best way to live our lives, to walk in the footsteps of the great teachers and masters.

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Tattooed Buddha


There are many forms of Vajrapani, illustrated here is a wrathful aspect of Vajrapani in accordance with the Vajrayana tradition. 89 more words


be empowered...

Each of us has enormous power. It can be used to help ourselves and help others.

Dipa Ma

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Back to The Future

“In the twenty-first century if we ever expect to fully realize peace of mind and body, we must cultivate a way-of-living which transcends religious and political ideology, and detach from our expectations on governments and religious institutions of themselves to ever bring about the transformation which leads to a loving-kind and compassionate society; one which is deeply rooted in personal responsibility, the practices of contemplation, and moral or ethical living.” 

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Authentic Spirituality

Vimalakirti: the perfect layperson.

The WESTERN MIND (whatever that means) needs Vimalakirti. 137 more words


Godspeed Stephanie

Stephanie–the Way of the Bodhisattva**

On Sunday, my dear friend Stephanie left her body after a lifetime of illness and activism. She developed a worldwide network to support people with PJS, or Peutz–jeghers syndrome, a genetic birth anomaly that often leads to cancer. 252 more words