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Protector of Deceased Children - Okunoin

One of the things that stood out when we visited the Okunoin Cemetery was the abundance of small, childlike statues/memorials dressed in mostly red hats, red bibs and other children’s clothing. 416 more words


Be a Bodhisattva

And what is a bodhisattva, anyway?

I can tell you of my practice thus far.

It is sitting in the slough of despond, not fearless but vulnerable, choosing compassion in chaos, accepting the uncertain.   377 more words



The children of the sun
Have been fooling
Underneath the new moon
On fire, in scarlet dreams of you

Pass the velvet decay
Near the collarbone of delight… 46 more words


To the rescue!

While working on an article filled with your ideas on how Buddhists can (and need to) help in the current world turmoil, someone sent me this: 1,445 more words


Reincarnation and The Return: Part 2 The Enlightenment Of Cooper

From the minute Dale Cooper entered our hearts through our television screens twenty seven years ago; I knew there was something special about him. His confidence, his caring nature, the way in which he knew what someone was going to say even before they said it. 1,392 more words

The Return

Swat Valley, various bodhisattvas (3)

Maitreya in his bodhisattva appearance, his right hand doing a fear-allaying gesture, the other holding a pot of water over his left knee, has an elegant silhouette with an elongated torso and long limbs. 219 more words

Buddhist Sculpture

Accumulation of merit becoming perfectly pure 

“The master Ashvagosha says:

All these sources of good that I have accomplished
I dedicate as the cause of the state beyond the world,
Without thoughts related to cyclic existence, or hopes… 288 more words