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Monday Bodhisattva Affirmations

A BODHISATTVA IS an ordinary person who takes up a course in his or her life that moves in the direction of Buddha. You’re a Bodhisattva, I’m a Bodhisattva; actually, anyone who directs their attention, their life, to practicing the way of life of a Buddha is a Bodhisattva. 

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Practice 12

The following practices are, perhaps, harder, but only if we have not mastered the ones that have gone before.

If we have abandoned attachments to things and embraced the power of compassion, then it will quite naturally follow that our compassion can and must persist in the face of difficulties. 31 more words


Bodhisattva Prayer for Humanity

A prayer performed each morning by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

May I be a guard for those who need protection
A guide for those on the path… 78 more words


Practice 11

Following on from practice 10, this practice states that selfishness is the root of most of the world’s suffering.  This isn’t presented as an argument, but as a fact, and much modern research supports the idea that focusing on the self only brings unhappiness. 29 more words


Practice 10

We have accepted as truth that we long for an end to our own suffering, and also that all beings harbour this same desire in some form.We also recognise that the suffering of others very often affects our own sense of peace/balance and happiness. 62 more words


Practice 8

We accept the idea that the hope of every being is to be happy.  To this end we attempt to help them as best we may: we may teach them the wisdom we have ourselves acquired or introduce them to some of our practices. 37 more words


Practice 7

Fame is an illusion.  It can be based on anything (talent, evil, stupidity etc) and it is just as transitory as everything else because celebrities suffer like the rest of us and die like the rest of us. 67 more words