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How Can I Know I Am Growing?

It’s just like what happens in Flatland. You are a square, a circle, a triangle, and what you know is how to scurry about doing your flat business in your flat world. 3,318 more words

Sermons And Homilies

Opening Chi Energy Channels

(Translator’s note: This article was first appeared in the Buddhist Newsweek, no. 145, March 8, 1993).

Is it true that there is no Chi-Kung teaching in Buddhism? 2,177 more words


Tibet, 11-head Avalokiteshvara (2)

When depicted with 11 heads and 8 arms, Avalokiteshvara normally has 3 rows of peaceful heads stacked on one another+ Mahakala’s head+ buddha Amitabha’s head. His main hands are in a prayer gesture at heart level, he has a lotus, a bow and a water pot in the remaining left hands, a rosary, dharma wheel in the top right hands, the lower one is along his body, palm open, doing the gesture of generosity. 207 more words

Asian Art


vĩnh nghiêm pagoda (which translates as “ever solemn”) is right down the street from my house. the first pagoda to be built in concrete in the traditional style in vietnam. 142 more words

Ho Chi Minh