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New School Year: one Breath at a time

Time for a fresh start, following 5 and a half weeks of relaxing, recharging, reflecting and more recently gearing up, its a New School Year. The last 2 Septembers have caused me much anxiety and even illness. 430 more words


Mongolia, standing Maitreya (2)

This sculpture has been attributed to Zanabazar himself, and, apart from the base which is totally different, it does bear great resemblance to a Zanabazar sculpture of Maitreya published in a previous post, although the body proportions are slightly different and the legs are somewhat stiffer. 224 more words

Buddhist Sculpture

Good Messages: Disintegration

We have to let go of the fragile ‘self,’ to throw away all the masks, to turf out ‘wanting’ and ‘needing,’ in order to reach our higher consciousness and step into the bright light of the expanded field of awareness. 693 more words

The Cathars: The Church Of Love

Avalokiteshvara Padmapani, two mixed styles

Avalokiteshvara is identified thanks to the large effigy of Amitabha at the front of his crown, the antelope skin over his left shoulder and the lotus flower he holds (which signals his… 287 more words

Buddhist Sculpture

The 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva

A. Namo Lokeshvaraya
Seeing that all phenomena neither come nor go,
Yet seeking only to benefit living beings,
The supreme master and protector Chenrezik
I honour continually with body, speech and mind. 1,433 more words


Vajrapani, Kashmir or Gandhara

Vajrapani, the ‘thunderbolt bearer’ is holding a very large thunderbolt or vajra horizontally in his right hand. He stands on a small single-lotus base with large flat petals point upwards, the rim is decorated with a row of thick beading. 104 more words

Buddhist Sculpture

Kashmir, Avalokiteshvara with horse's head

This masterpiece depicts bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, identified through the image of Amitabha on the central panel of his crown and the lotus and water pot he holds in his left hands.  173 more words

Buddhist Sculpture