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Tibet, unidentified bodhisattvas (7)

The passing of time is particularly harsh on wooden sculptures…

This mixed-style figure wears a richly decorated knee-length dhoti, a matching shawl forming an angular loop at elbow level and a sash knotted to one side. 93 more words

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Tibet, unidentified bodhisattvas (4)

This character holds an elephant goad and a lotus flower in his upper hands, possibly a lotus bud in the lower left hand, the lower right hand displays the fear-allaying gesture. 190 more words

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Tibet, unidentified bodhisattva (2)

This impressive figure with silver-inlaid eyes and copper-inlaid lips holds the long stem of flowers springing from the base and does the gesture to ward off evil with both hands. 46 more words

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Tibet, standing Maitreya (5)

Maitreya is identified by the stupa in his headdress and the water pot in his left hand. He stands on a Kashmiri-style base, complete with its flaming mandorla, but several characteristics proper to Western Tibet, such as the stippled lotus motif on his… 73 more words

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Tibet, Shadakshari Lokeshvara (15)

This Avalokiteshvara in his Shadakshari form has a flaming jewel on top of his chignon and holds a closed lotus in his left hand. The main hands are clasped at heart level and the upper right hand holds a rosary as usual. 162 more words

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Relocation and life in mental hospital

Yesterday they moved me to another building in complex. Hospital is the biggest one here in Czechia, it’s famous for experiments with LSD what did take their place in 60s, when Stanislav Grof was here. 726 more words


Captured Moments - Guanyin of the Southern Seas

Last year I had the pleasure of visiting Kansas City, Missouri.   My friend Tim took a group of us to The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art… 60 more words

Captured Moments