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Anticipation of the coming of the future Buddha Maitreya

The spirit of Buddhism during the Middle Ages

It has often been observed by outsiders that the Buddhist culture takes the suffering and transitoriness of life very seriously. 245 more words


do your part...

do your part, in your way, from your heart, using your talents – your experience – your wisdom, to expand minds, open hearts, to bear witness to suffering, to honor another’s story, to bring light, to embody love, with a steady-confident calm presence.


Tibet, a singular Phagpa Lokeshvara (2)

This form of Avalokiteshvara is rarely seen, especially since the majority of sculptures are made of wood  – like the emblematic 7th century Nepalese statue at the Potala (heavily restored with a thick coat of gilding that covers the details), and most of them have lost an arm – or both. 153 more words

Asian Art

Tibet, unidentified bodhisattvas (7)

The passing of time is particularly harsh on wooden sculptures…

This mixed-style figure wears a richly decorated knee-length dhoti, a matching shawl forming an angular loop at elbow level and a sash knotted to one side. 93 more words

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Tibet, unidentified bodhisattvas (4)

This character holds an elephant goad and a lotus flower in his upper hands, possibly a lotus bud in the lower left hand, the lower right hand displays the fear-allaying gesture. 190 more words

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Tibet, unidentified bodhisattva (2)

This impressive figure with silver-inlaid eyes and copper-inlaid lips holds the long stem of flowers springing from the base and does the gesture to ward off evil with both hands. 46 more words

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Tibet, standing Maitreya (5)

Maitreya is identified by the stupa in his headdress and the water pot in his left hand. He stands on a Kashmiri-style base, complete with its flaming mandorla, but several characteristics proper to Western Tibet, such as the stippled lotus motif on his… 73 more words

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