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Tibet, 11-head Avalokiteshvara (2)

When depicted with 11 heads and 8 arms, Avalokiteshvara normally has 3 rows of peaceful heads stacked on one another+ Mahakala’s head+ buddha Amitabha’s head. His main hands are in a prayer gesture at heart level, he has a lotus, a bow and a water pot in the remaining left hands, a rosary, dharma wheel in the top right hands, the lower one is along his body, palm open, doing the gesture of generosity. 207 more words

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Great Wisdom Sutra from the Chū sonji Temple Sutra Collection

The frontispiece to this sutra chapter shows a dramatic three-quarters view of the Buddha seated with two bodhisattvas. Seven figures pay obeisance to the Buddha, with the six in front raising offerings of food. 151 more words


Tibet, Kshitigarbha

Sculptures of Kshitigarbha, the protector of children and pregnant women, are rare in Tibet and usually form part of a set of eight bodhisattvas. The above sculpture depicts him in bodhisattva attire with a flaming pearl supported by a lotus at right shoulder level and what may be a fruit or seed on the other lotus. 66 more words

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Tibet, Phagpa Lokeshvara variants

There is a number of wooden Phagpa Lokeshvara sculptures thought to be from Tibet which follow a standard design, although this design is quite different from the famous original 7th century Nepalese figure at the Potala. 137 more words

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Tibet, peaceful Vajrapani - seated

When seated, the bodhisattva may hold the vajra upright or horizontally, his other hand may be doing the vitarka mudra and/or hold the stem of a lotus with a bell on top. 89 more words

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bundles, baggage & bye bye blackbird

Insight comes in the darndest ways. I was scrolling down my Facebook feed deeply engaged in avoiding the reality that I had to pack for a week-long business trip. 367 more words


yesterday, as all monthly bills came due, and a week before i have to travel across the country for work, i learned that all carefully managed funds in my accounts were lost to me. 831 more words

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