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The Purpose of Buddha Images

If anyone is  wondering why Buddhists venerate Buddha images, please read my free public domain booklet (below) explaining the extensive Dharma behind Buddha images: 35 more words


Title: Jambala Representation: Bodhisattva Size: 530mm x 400mm Price: R1200 Email: tibetanartsa@gmail.com


Helps to minimize misfortunes, obstacles & poverty and helps to increase Spiritual wealth and happiness. 23 more words


Green Tara

Title: Green Tara Representation: Bodhisattva Size: 660mm x 515mm Price: R4000 Email: tibetanartsa@gmail.com

Green Tara (also seen as ‘Mother Earth’)

Tara is a female Bodhisattva, who is known as the ‘mother of liberation’. 43 more words



Title: Avalokitesvara Representation: Bodhisattva Size: 780mm x 555mm Price: R2800 Email: tibetanartsa@gmail.com

Avalokitesvara (In Sanskrit called Padmapāni – The Holder of the Lotus)

Avalokiteswara is the universal manifestation of compassion. 23 more words


Vajra Shakti

Title: Vajra Shakti Representation: Bodhisattva Size: 545mm x 420mm Price: R950 Email: tibetanartsa@gmail.com

Vajra Shakti (Yab Yum)

Vajra Shakti represents the active male form (Compassion) and the passive female form (Wisdom). 10 more words



Title: Changrasi Representation: Bodhisattva Size: 600mm x 475mm Price: R1100 Email: tibetanartsa@gmail.com

Changresi (Chenrezig)

Changresi is a form of Bodhisatva Avalokitesvara. He is four armed with rose in the right arm and full-blown lotus on the left. 60 more words



Title: Manjushi Representation: Bodhisattva Size: 350mm x 270mm Price: R700 Email: tibetanartsa@gmail.com

Manjusri (In Sanskrit means ‘Gentle Glory’)

The oldest of the Bodhisattvas. He is the personification of Transcendent Wisdom and wields a sword for the cutting away of ignorance, duality and doubt. 54 more words