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Joining the Mahayanagana

A few weeks ago I joined the Mahayanagana within the Awakened Heart Sangha. Gana means circle so the Mahayanagana is the name for the circle of members of the AHS who have committed to the sangha, their practice and are committed students of… 1,222 more words

Student Series! Mahayana Buddhism

Mahayana Buddhism, often referred to as the “Great Vehicle” (to signify Buddha’s grand ability to act as a vehicle or guide for his followers) was formed around 100 CE within India. 566 more words

Student Series!

The Dharma of Jessica Fletcher

‘Murder She Wrote’ needs no introduction, but just to recap for anyone who’s been meditating in a cave for the last thirty years: it was a smash hit ‘whodunnit’ TV show that ran for 12 years through the 80s and 90s; 12 series and 264 episodes, syndicated all over the world, making a Angela Lansbury a household name. 1,730 more words

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Buddha, bodhisattva: White Tara

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Anticipation of the coming of the future Buddha Maitreya

The spirit of Buddhism during the Middle Ages

It has often been observed by outsiders that the Buddhist culture takes the suffering and transitoriness of life very seriously. 245 more words

The Bodhisattva

do your part...

do your part, in your way, from your heart, using your talents – your experience – your wisdom, to expand minds, open hearts, to bear witness to suffering, to honor another’s story, to bring light, to embody love, with a steady-confident calm presence.