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Having The Ability To Suffer
In that, we are not alone

We, as sentient beings, suffer. Recognising this, we seek knowledge and wisdom to alleviate that suffering: we meditate, by sitting quietly, watching the breath and noting thoughts and emotions arising in the mind, cutting through them by maintaining mindfulness of the breath. 232 more words

Saint Germain’s Plan for the United States

Elizabeth Clare Prophet wrote, “It is America’s destiny to be the Comforter Nation, to fulfill the mandate given through the prophet Isaiah: ‘Comfort ye, comfort ye—comfort ye my people, saith your God.’ 689 more words


You Are So Much More Than You Know

You are worth so much more than you know. You already know this weary traveler, so stop basing your value on the actions of others. 1,469 more words


A Town in Bohemia

It’s been two years now since I backpacked around Central Europe. I’d travelled up the east coast of Australia roughly a year and a half earlier, but it was in Europe that my love for the road was born. 2,608 more words

Tibet, various bodhisattvas

Sarvanivarana Vishkhambhin, also referred to as Nivarana Vishkhambhin, has a peaceful and a wrathful form.

When wrathful, he holds a bell at head level in his right hand and leans on his left hand. 247 more words

Asian Art

Fight on you courageous Bodhisattvas!

by James C. Stephens

May 29, 1974


My life is like the weather. Some mornings it is foggy, but later it becomes sunny, the fog being burnt off by the midday sun. 477 more words