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be the open heart the earth longs for...

be the open heart the earth longs for.

The Guruganesha Band

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Since All Misery Comes...

When I was a child I had quite severe and frequent migraine headaches. They were classic migraines that began with sensory auras and peaked with unrelenting pain on one side of my head and nausea. 338 more words


you are needed...

principles, values, morals, ethics.their companion is our integrity and willingness to stand and to speak when such a time arises. the time is now.

~j… 13 more words


The Purpose of Buddha Images

If anyone is  wondering why Buddhists venerate Buddha images, please read my free public domain booklet (below) explaining the extensive Dharma behind Buddha images: 35 more words


Title: Jambala Representation: Bodhisattva Size: 530mm x 400mm Price: R1200 Email: tibetanartsa@gmail.com


Helps to minimize misfortunes, obstacles & poverty and helps to increase Spiritual wealth and happiness. 23 more words