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Break Down the Ugly Plastic Wall

by James C. Stephens

Tuesday, October 5, 1971


I found

I don’t like to play games anymore.

Games between people…

I did, why I know… 68 more words

mandalas + mexican sunflowers

A morning of dharma sharing with a sangha sister — laughter, poetry, curiosities, understanding — over “bumpy” drinks (can’t call it a smoothie, she quipped, when you throw in carob chips). 21 more words


How to be a hero

One of the main things about compassion is that it makes us a kinder, more helpful person. A force of good in this world, for sure. 1,238 more words

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Five Dogs In

On a somewhat friendlier note (than Suicidal manikins…)

A Bodhisattva is an awakened being who chooses to return to this suffering world again and again, until all of the numberless sentient beings have awakened. 180 more words


A Buddhist Sunday - Like a Lotus from the Mud

The Lotus flower is often used as a metaphor in Buddhism. It stands for the enlightened mind (sanskrit: बोधिचित्त – bodhicitta).

As the enlightened mind is unaffected by saṃsāra, the flower stands above the murky waters undefiled by mud. 69 more words

Buddhist Sunday

Bad Bodhisattvas (7/11/15)

Many Buddhists believe that some people who are about to enter nirvana after going through many reincarnations, instead come back to earth.  They vow not to enter nirvana bliss until they have helped all people enter.  127 more words