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Children and their political agency: only through images of dead or suffering bodies?

On 2 September, images of a drowned child on the Turkish beach of Bodrum sparked international outcry over the present refugee crisis and Europe’s and the international community’s inability to adequately address it. 800 more words

A Taste of Turkey

Turkey was a stopover rather than a destination as Istanbul gave us better flight options to Asia than a return to Athens would have. By hopping across from Kos to Bodrum it also felt like we were heading in the right direction, plus we got to taste a little of what Turkey has to offer. 952 more words


Kaledeki Prensesler

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2. Bodrum Bienali’nin kapsamında Bodrum Kalesi’nde düzenlenen sergide “Osmanlı Prensesi Gibi Fotoğrafı Çektirin” adlı çalışmamı gördün mü acaba? Ne deyim? Maalesef… Sergi webssayfasında bulunan… 192 more words

Ottoman Princess

Princesses at the Castle

Have you had a chance to see my piece “Have Your Photograph Taken as an Ottoman Princess” on exhibit at the Bodrum Castle as part of the 2nd International Bodrum Biennial? 91 more words

Deborah Semel Demirtaş

Time Out

Today Aidan and I landed in Bodrum – a beautiful fishing village in Turkey, for those who never managed to make it through I Am Pilgrim – to celebrate our much belated honeymoon. 259 more words


Review: Mavi Ada Pension

SCORE: 9.8/10



DATES: 20TH AUG- 22ND AUG 2015 & 29TH AUG- 30TH AUG 2015


STAFF 10/10

The staff at Mavi Ada Pension were incredibly friendly and so caring to me and the other people staying here. 343 more words


Our travels to date: Reality v Expectations

Here in Bodrum in Turkey we are officially in Asia and apart from a brief foray back into Europe next week (our airbnb in Istanbul is on the European side) the remainder of the journey is largely in (South East) Asia. 1,719 more words

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