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Bodrum, Turkey

Hello sweeties,

Yet another travel experience passed by me without having the time to properly put it into words on my blog (now site). You probably saw lots of pictures last year from my voyage in Turkey. 333 more words

Bodrum : Saint Tropez of Turkey 👙

Looking for Caribbean sea, a fancy Marina and cheap but tasty food whilst remaining in Europe?

Look no more… Bodrum is the answer!

This beautiful port city started to become popular in the 1970’s and it has grown into a  cosmopolitan tourist resort without losing its exotic Turkish aura. 261 more words


Bodrum's Love!

I’ve travelled to many cities in different countries. But I’ve never seen anything like Bodrum..

Bodrum has been always the city of my dreams. And after i saw it’s magic it became the city of love too. 412 more words


The Resort Checklist

If you are anything like me and the gloomy weather gets to you, planning a trip to a sunny country is not only fun for the 100 grams of sun that one is guaranteed to receive but also the fun clothes that one can wear. 406 more words

Güzeli Ararken Bodrum’u Buldum.

Balık olmamla mı ilgilidir bilmem, hep bir güzellik arayışı içinde oldum. Küçüklüğümden beri böyleydi ama büyüyüp, yaş aldıkça ve hayatı daha geniş algılamaya başladıkça bu tutkum daha da arttı. 937 more words


Turkey: Bodrum & Ephesus

We had 2 weeks free after our house sit in Turkey before we needed to be in Istanbul for a flight out of the country.  Rather than spend a few days at several spots along the 1,000km route, we planned a (hopefully) quiet week in one coastal town followed by a (likely) crazy week in Istanbul. 1,218 more words


A Bad Night in Bodrum


You can’t travel for 40 years without having some adventures. I’ve totaled a motor scooter and knocked out my two front teeth; I’ve been mugged and woken up in an ambulance without any idea where I was; I’ve been pickpocketed and chased by wicked children and I’ve even been bitten by a dog and ended up bleeding in an emergency ward. 1,219 more words

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