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There is Nothing Wrong with your Body

I’ve had just about enough of seeing people online everywhere sharing images that skinny shame people. It’s just not on. 320 more words

“Living with where you are”

Self-compassion teaches us that we need to come to a place of acceptance with whatever we have been given in life. It is the hardest thing to tackle and embrace. 617 more words


Stop with the Body Shaming Already!

This post is something I’ve been wanting to write for quite awhile actually. It’s something that I’ve experienced personally and I know others have as well. 500 more words

Hmm, Sex and Size

via Weight Watchers Implies Fat Women Don’t Enjoy Having Sex Because They’re Fat | Huffington Post

I considered letting this one slide on by.  But, even though it is Australia, the company (Weight Watchers) is located in New York.  723 more words

Body Positivity

What's become of people's way of thinking, and what does this mean for our future?


I’ve got another message for the world–in case you haven’t figured it out, I’ll say it again. I’m a naturist, and proud of it. I know I don’t have the greatest body, a lot of people don’t. 665 more words


Mother of all catch ups 😳

Its certainly a truism that this blog now only gets used when I need to vent, ponder, express and share. Although I think about blogging, life often gets in the way and it doesn’t take priority. 1,018 more words


Another Day, Another Diet

Lately I’ve been brain storming some more of my more successful attempts to loose weight. I find myself so exhausted when I have these conversations with myself. 686 more words