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My Health, My Journey

Inspired by a friend’s comments on Facebook, I’m working on some blog posts to highlight my journey to living healthier. I shall call this collection of blog posts “My Life Beyond Fat.”

Coming soon….

Healthy Lifestyle

Skinny Shaming & Fat Shaming

I’m using some material from the response I had to FaturdayNightLive’s post for this blog post… I think it’s important to start with a disclaimer that I had an empowering weekend with my hubby and we sent all three of our kids to hang out with my parents for a full 24 hours. 984 more words


The One on Body Acceptance

“Do you know Shams?”

“Oh you mean the big, tall and loud girl? Yeah I know her.”

Big, tall and loud – that has become my identifier since I can ever remember. 916 more words



You ultimately have to remember that being healthy and happy doesn’t just happen by eating fruit or going for a jog. it’s not about how you look or always being in a good mood. 55 more words


Glorifying Stupidity

Obesity seems to be the new thing that ‘experts’ are jumping on, and this in bringing out the ‘oh but I’m concerned about your health’ in EVERYONE. 482 more words

Body Acceptance


Let’s talk about BODY POSITIVITY for a minute.

Over these past few years, I have gained A LOT of weight. I was never particularly skinny – I’ve struggled with weight fluctuation since I was a wee lass and having a heavy body is not new to me. 578 more words


On the Fashion Industry

Dear Sherina,

The fashion industry has been criticized repeatedly over the years for its use of extremely thin models. In 2007, fashion designer Valentino Garavani said “Designers have to show for the first time on the runway the clothes that they want to be seen, so automatically if the girls are skinny, the dresses are more attractive”. 642 more words

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