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Her's Day Thursday

Summer is here which means trips to the beach, the pool, and the water park. While many of us are super excited to don our swimsuits, not everyone feels the same. 626 more words

#YourNudeOnStory: Larry's Story

Hey friends, we’re back with another edition of #YourNudeOnStory. In this installment, we chat with Larry, a former public safety officer, military veteran and lifelong nudist/naturist residing in Florida. 865 more words


Being More Than

I spend so much time bashing on my body. I tell myself I am going to be worthless if I eat an extra snack or have more ice cream than what is on my meal plan. 944 more words

You down with F-A-T?

I think we should start by addressing the elephant in the room….I’m trying this thing where I use cute puns based on 90’s hip hop and R&B to come up with titles for my blogs. 1,134 more words


How I became confident in myself

Hello you beautiful readers,

So my last two posts have been rather negative so I thought I’d do a positive post about myself and how I’ve learnt to accept myself just how I am over the years. 1,214 more words

Good Naked Morning: Just Shake Shake Shake It Off

Good naked morning, friends!

June is upon us, and finally in full swing! It’s warm enough to be nude indoors and out—unfortunately I can’t be outside as I live in town, but it’s good to be nude inside with a breeze coming in and not have to worry about catching cold. 1,011 more words


Strong as the Sea

I will grow my hair to my waist

so people see me as a mermaid.

They’ll see the soft strength of my body

fluid as water, but swimming against the tide… 220 more words