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She's baaaack!

My all-time favorite blogger, Rachele, has been gone from the webs for a few months now.  She went through some really fucking nasty shit, including having her photos stolen and used as fat-bashing memes.   97 more words

Fat Acceptance

Every Body Is Different :)

Which is why I don’t believe there is one right or wrong way to eat. I enjoy the experimentation, listening to by body and how it responds to certain foods or ways of eating and paying attention to how I feel. 720 more words

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Burn calories for weight loss!

I was having a general browse round tinternets, and came back to one of my old favourites. If you are triggered by exercise, turn away now. 348 more words

Body Image

In Other's Words #7

I am always out thrifting and trying to save money on decorating my castle, but I also know that you should invest more money in some pieces for your home. 530 more words

In Other's Words