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Are Body Acceptance & Cosmetic Surgery Mutually Exclusive?

The short answer: I don’t know.

I’m not sure I’ve ever liked my body. Am I working on that? Yes. I remember feeling inferior to my friends as far back as early elementary school. 1,930 more words

Breast Implant Illness

Sans Gracie

Hark!  Yet another attempt at creating and maintaining a blog.  I never know quite where to begin, for I do not know where exactly the beginning is, where my journey began.   135 more words

Body Acceptance

My Magic Water Bottle

I am horrible about water bottles. I get hooked on a cute bottle. I go crazy carrying it everywhere. For about two weeks I am practically bouncing like a water balloon from all the consumption of fluids… I am just as bad with drink cups and thermos type cups. 646 more words

Single Mom

#YourNudeOnStory: Zach's Story

For this installment of my nudist/naturist profile series #YourNudeOnStory, I had the pleasure of talking recently with Zach, a 31-year-old naturist from Central Florida. I’ve been familiar with him on Twitter for some time, and he’s also got a great Survivor naturist podcast, In The Buff, if you haven’t checked it out yet. 842 more words


How I Still Feel Sexy As Hell Even On The Days When I'm At War With My Body

The world can be a mean place. It does not take a lot for someone to judge you, just take Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl half time performance. 1,055 more words

When I Realized I Was Fat

I was a tall and very slender child. OK I was borderline scrawny there for a few years. I guess nobody even realized it until they looked at photos later and discovered they could count my ribs through my swim suit. 1,201 more words

Single Mom

Every Blog Needs a First Post

It is 3 in the morning, I am suffering a horrible cold, and I am supposed to be getting up in five hours to get ready for church. 433 more words

Single Mom