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Body Acceptance

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I’ve recently written a few body acceptance articles which highlight the need to celebrate our own unique bodies and to send out a strong clear message that our bodies are none of anybody else’s business.

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Exercise: a different approach

In the past for me exercise has always been one of those things that I have avoided if possible, vilified in my head or used as a way to punish my body for not being perfect. 1,026 more words


Is the World Rejecting Your Body or are You?

Everyone has one, that is, a body that we walk around in everyday. Our bodies can give us immense pleasure and joy, and take us places – literally and metaphorically. 775 more words


Glee To Be You and Me, Or.. Whatever you do, wear yellow.

By Jay Bamber

I was genuinely handsome on exactly one occasion. I do not know precisely how long the period of handsomeness lasted, but I know it happened because I have a picture as proof. 2,528 more words


In Other's Words #14

Prince Charming wants a big flat screen. I’m not really a person that likes visible electronics, but I am trying to meld my style with his so I needed to find a way to work his ginormous tv into my cozy vintage decorating aesthetic. 601 more words

In Other's Words