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Jill Andrew- Body Positive Warrior 

Jill Andrew, PhD (ABD), is a prolific woman with a mission. She is a body positive activist, writer, educator, fashion blogger, co-creator of the… 342 more words

Please do not feed the diet monster

It’s only been two years since I started trying to break out of the whole mainstream fatphobic diet mentality thing, and I already have far, far more good days than bad. 473 more words

Nudism/Naturism: Double standards within the social nudism community

“As long as men are allowed to be topless in public, women should have the same constitutional right. Or else, men should have to wear something to hide their chests.” 745 more words


What I hope you're going to get from me..

Writing a blog is quite a selfish venture – it’s putting your thoughts and feelings out into the world and hoping people like them. There’s more than a hint of needing external validation involved but hey, it’s nice to feel like you matter.  235 more words

Body Acceptance

Thoughts on yoga instruction to support body diversity in practice

TGIF. I went to the gym with a plan for leg day, and set up for box squats with two box heights. I started with 5×5 on the taller one, increasing the weight from 115lb to 155lb each rep. 467 more words

5 Tips for Rocking Your Body Acceptance This Year

2017 is here, and body acceptance has taken over in a great way! Women all over are beginning to embrace the skin they’re in, and loving themselves no matter what size or body type they have. 801 more words