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I am fat. And it doesn’t bother me at all.

I’m a size 18/20, an 18 in some labels, a 20 in others. I remember clearly when I decided I was going to accept my body just as it was. 1,582 more words

Social Commentary

These Lines

These lines,

rebellious markers of the places

I refused to break,

this museum of myself.

My hands become curators

running over skin in the dark. 150 more words


10 Things NOT to Do When Trying to Lose Weight

In my last post, I talked about why body shaming sucks and why we should be more focused on overall health than the number on the scale. 1,326 more words


Body Talk

Content Warning: discussion of drastic weight loss, disordered eating, and body dysphoria.

Last week was eating disorder awareness week and several strong and courageous people I love shared bits of their eating disorder and recovery stories on their social media accounts. 1,789 more words


What they don't tell you about losing weight...

Losing weight. Losing body fat. That number on the damn scales.
It has a hold over most of us, a hold that is more than we could even realise. 637 more words


You are the cat's meow

Watch this six-minute video, and then go out and strut your stuff like the cool cat you are! And the video isn’t about cats at all. 6 more words

Friday Finds

Body Shaming and Why It Sucks

Yesterday while I was at work (I work in a hospital dietary office), I was talking to a nurse about a patient’s meal options. I was telling her I was unable to order a cheeseburger for a patient as the patient was recovering from open heart surgery (as in the system literally would not let me choose the cheeseburger as an option, not that I didn’t think the patient should have it, which is another post in itself). 580 more words