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Good Naked Morning: Sleeping Nude and Promoting Better Health

Good naked morning!

Hey friends, it’s a new morning! Hope y’all slept well last night…and nude, I hope. You know it’s funny, because so many people are so afraid of the human body they don’t realize the best way to sleep is when you’re wearing nothing at all. 715 more words


My Pole Fitness Story & Why It Saved Me

Never underestimate the strength of a Woman, and never mess with one who hangs upside down from a pole for fun – Unknown

Pole dancing, or Pole Fitness, gets a lot of stick in the Media..

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Body Acceptance

Good Naked Morning: Think Positive and Don't Judge!

Good naked morning, friends! I hope you’re enjoyin’ this wonderful Saturday morning, nude I hope!

Unfortunately it’s a rainy Saturday up here in my neck of the woods, and yeah it’s fall, a little too cold to be outside without a coat, but you know what friends? 646 more words


#1 Mistake Women Make in Disliking Their Body - and What to do Instead - Part One

I remember when I first met our guest writer and guru, Tarisha Tourok. I was completely and utterly in awe of her. There is something very magical about the way she inhabits her body. 698 more words


I. Am. Struggling.

Back in August, I was in a pretty good place when it comes to exercising and tracking macros. Instead of prepping all of my meals at home and eating super clean all the time, I incorporated the occasional sweet treat and fried food some days of the week – even a Maple Pecan Latte from Starbucks (which tastes amazing btw). 284 more words

Why Flexible Dieting is a FAD

“Flexible Dieting”, “If It Fits Your Macros”, “IIFYM”, “Macro-Tracking” – call it what you want and say what you want about it, but it’s a diet. 1,098 more words


Body positive to body acceptance

Things were rough at 23 when I first went down this road.  

The only thing I felt I had control over was the way I viewed my body, so I made up my mind to just be “positive” about it. 873 more words

Body Acceptance