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Good Naked Morning: #EmbracingYou, Your Ideas?

Good naked morning, friends!

I hope you’re enjoying this Saturday—up here near the tip of the Michigan mitt, it’s still chilly, but I remember my neighbor said downstate his parents have near 70-degree weather. 506 more words


Be You

There needs so many people who wouldn’t change you for the world. Don’t let society change you for their financial benefit. Love your size, it’s you.

Loving Yourself When You're Fat

After the election, I found myself with an extra 3000 friends on Facebook. While I’ve never met any of them in person, our shared beliefs have brightened my newsfeed exponentially. 698 more words

OOTD: Looking stylish when you don't wanna 

Do you ever have those days where you don’t want to come up with an outfit? When you don’t want to be noticed by anyone all day, and when you feel like you and your body are at odds with who’s the boss? 1,160 more words


Your body will thank you.

I think this whole body acceptance movement that’s been going on lately is amazing. It’s important for women to feel comfortable in the body they live in. 766 more words

Don't Crop Me Out! Plus Size Modeling in Today's Society

This past year has been a year of change, and I’m afraid it hasn’t been for the better… In a society that prides itself in being progressive, we are in many ways taking steps back when it comes to all kinds of things, especially when it comes to body acceptance and positivity. 1,018 more words

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Good Naked Morning: Where We Came From

Good naked morning!

Friends, it’s great to be back, on a free, nude Saturday morning. Woke up, turned up the thermostat, and enjoying the peace and quiet I’ve been waiting for all week. 631 more words