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Oskar Schlemmer

The Triadic Ballet 

Schlemmer began running the Theatre Workshop at the Bauhaus in 1923. Schlemmer created the costumes and then choreographed the dancers moments. The Choreography  was created bearing in mind the restrictions the costumes created, and the movements they suggested. 96 more words

Lingua Nigra Fever...

We hear the cities were paved with gold. Imagine our delight when we stumbled upon this Brooklyn based gem of a jewelry designer. Meet Alicia Goodwin, the brilliant creative mind, and owner of… 95 more words


Franz West

Franz West’s Passtuecke or adaptives (images below) break down gallery through there interactivity and playful nature.  The ergonomic forms of the Passtruecke aid the viewers interaction with the work. 85 more words

Butt out of it

I have grown up with pets but I really am a cat lover. My cat Jack is easy to communicate with, he lifts his tail high in the air… 331 more words


Stone Container by Martín Azúa

Seeing this wearable piece by Martín Azúa makes me almost regret dropping metal for my final year! I love the idea of wearable containers. I’m not overly drawn to jewellery, but I love three dimensional forms, small scale objects and collections – this could have easily inspired a self directed project!