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One month without shopping

July brought me some crazy sales and an empty bank account… With my head still in the clouds because of the amazing Karl Lagerfeld I’ve found my mother pointed out that my shopping got the best out of me. 428 more words


he said look at you worrying too much about things you can't change...

Hey there, currently sitting on my bed staring at the laptop screen willing myself to get the motivation to look at the big scary list of projects for final year, but I’m refusing to accept this is my final year at uni, I don’t wanna be an adult, well not just yet anyway! 620 more words


35 and the art of self acceptance 

I’ve spent my whole life criticising and being unhappy with my body.

From a functional perspective it’s never let me down (except for the shoulder that doesn’t like to stay in the socket of course). 594 more words

True Story

Romi Husky and Wolf Sanctuary visit

Recently I had the privilege of going to the Romi Husky Wolf Sanctuary and what an experience! It is only a 2.5 hour drive from Johannesburg (a little faster if I am driving) and well worth it. 223 more words

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"Coming out"

I was offered the opportunity to tell my story in approximately 500 words, on a friend’s blog this week. I will admit that I was a little concerned when I considered posting a really honest, raw and emotional account of who I am. 173 more words

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Prevent Back Pain: Lifestyle Habits to Avoid


Munching down that bag of chips just because it’s there, going into the kitchen, eating that extra bite of chocolate cake because you opened the fridge and eating all that ice-cream because you are stressed. 593 more words

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Does stress really cause physical pain? Yes! Here is How to Get Rid of It

Stress affects all of us. Whether we notice it or not. You may experience stress while teaching your kids discipline, when you’re busy at work, when the assignments are due, or while looking at finances (this really does a number on me) or even when you’re in a complicated relationship. 552 more words

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