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The Truth Is Inside of YOU!!

The truth is inside of you and always has been. As I am recovering from my Fifth yes fifth hernia repair surgery I have come to that realization. 299 more words

Why Self Care is So Important & My Tips on How to Practice it.

In our lives, it’s so easy (and very common) to get wrapped up in trying to appease others. While sometimes seeking praise from an employer or significant other or our parents can be good for us and our self-esteem, constantly striving to please others can lead us to feel unsatisfied with ourselves, which is incredibly dangerous for our mental health and self-image. 1,275 more words

Here's How Mindfulness Can Help Your Career Performance


We’re all familiar with the term, and most of us know it has something to do with meditation. We know we’re “supposed to” meditate, yet most of us don’t. 880 more words

Laziness your biggest enemy: 5 Habits to stop being so lazy... 

It’s not only you, even every person in this world face laziness. I think nobody in this world exists who would honestly say that he/she has never been lazy. 671 more words

Body And Mind

Little Flower

As a result of surrounding people, environment and our way of upbringing, we make it in our minds that we really need few things, people and support system to turn up things and build something we can be proud upon. 76 more words


6 best ways to spend a long summer day except watching TV and surfing social networking sites ☺

When we talk about summer the first thing clicks in our mind is hot sunny days. When we were kids and used to go to school summer vacations were most wonderful gift from our schools. 478 more words

Body And Mind