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No One Trick Pony

you got that right
there’s no disagreeing
ya got no one trick here
smart and strong
court unicorns
just magical, my dear

gotta say
figured me out… 20 more words

Body And Mind

How I found comfort and hope in knowing that I am nothing.

My parish offers 24-hour Adoration during Lent. The Eucharist cannot be left unguarded, so I decided to put my habit (perhaps my gift, in this context) of staying up to quite… 1,357 more words


I Took A Yoga Class That I Wasn't Prepared For

Now, I know what you are thinking. How can you not be prepared for a yoga class? You breathe, do child’s pose, and repeat for an hour and finish by saying ‘Namaste.’  552 more words

Yoga: From Tradition to Trend and Back Again

By Abigail Dennis

Yoga is…

Breath – The stilling of the fluctuations of the mind – A sport – Transformative – Transforming – About finding liberation – … 6,250 more words

Body And Mind

Fuck It, This Is Class! Youth Smoking Habits and Attitudes

By Amy Sokolow

Smoking kills. We all know that. Presumably that is a given among modern-day youths after decades of research has drawn direct relationships between smoking and lung cancer. 5,843 more words

Body And Mind


Some singe the strand that binds a bird to emotion riddled dreams.

Doth thou not know that even in love not all is as it seems? 58 more words

Body And Mind