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Making Moves

I finally got my workout schedule moved around after several weeks. Sometimes, it’s good to see things at a glance. I’m constantly experimenting to see what works best for my body. 119 more words

Body And Mind

How To Have a Happy And Positive Summer

Hey everyone!

Summer is here and all us students are off home for the summer! Now, if you’re like me and you go to university in a city and live in the countryside it can be a bit of a culture shock and could get you down! 253 more words

My big fat greek dinner!

Alas no Couch to 5k this week – I have injured my knee so no running at the moment :-(

However one thing I am still enjoying is…. 245 more words


When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, look for stars.

First of all, I have to apologize for sort of “abandoning” this blog. It really wasn’t my intention, but my life had taken another unpleasant turn at the end of 2014. 575 more words


Miracle morning: so what?

I haven’t written for more than a month…Time is flying but I am trying to organize my moving and it is a nightmare!

Anyway, after having tried the Miracle Morning method for a month, here is my feedback: 426 more words

My Life

Re-ignite, Re-Set and get back on track

Many of us go through ups and downs throughout the journey of life and forget what’s important and what we are actually wanting to achieve. … 457 more words

Generation Snowflake

Is it just me or are things truly becoming ridiculous with generation ‘snowflake’?

Everyone is so scared of offending someoneĀ elseĀ that they pretend to be someone or something that they aren’t. 323 more words