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Your body does not lie...

…and, often, it tries, through pain, to tell you the unpalatable truths your mind is so keen to avoid.

I believe that our bodies register what is going on around us infallibly. 793 more words


For your diary

Time to book your appointment for a therapeutic treat on Saturday 29th October 2016.

The Haven Health Clinic



The Haven will be hosting a Special Event, Saturday 29th October, from 11am until 7pm…. 148 more words


20 Days of Gratitude Challenge Outline

Recording Gratitude and allowing yourself the acknowledgement of your daily achievements is a surprisingly effective way to maintain a positive mindsets. It is a practice that helps to strengthen your approach to every-day-life and develops your ability to better overcome crisis or enjoy moments of happiness. 632 more words


The Surprising Benefits I Received from Recording Daily Gratitude

Quite often, I hear or read about some good habits that I think would be great to incorporate into my life. Just as often – as much as I know I would benefit from them – I don’t get around to putting them into action and never allow myself to experience all the good that can come from them. 992 more words


The Sound

your voice
the sound
filling this void
a thousand oceans
flood my heart

the sound
your words
fall in my ear
autumn leaves
and salty air… 16 more words

Body And Mind

Natural Orphan

My veins pump faster, more vivaciously with each breaking wave.

The knotted stone residing within my gut retreats as a mass of silky white fingertips float above my periwinkle blanket, ablaze with agility and quiet, unspoken authority. 62 more words