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It is amazing how strong and resilient a human body can be if practice becomes a habit. He is a perfect example of self-discipline and persistence.


7 Pineal Gland in Everyday Life

An episode from the famous Romance of the Three Kingdoms attributed to Luo Guanzhong of the 14th century China. The ambitious general-in-chief Cao Cao(曹操) led his mighty soldiers towards the fortress of Liu Bei(劉備), lying in ambush there. 679 more words

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KicK SuM mAss

This morning’s breakfast included: a steak, potatoes and 5 egg whites scrambled with kale. I had never tried kale in my eggs, but I must say… it was delish. 21 more words

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Santa Fe Venom Hits the Field

Today we went to the opening ceremony of the Northern New Mexico Children’s Football League. Freddie Martinez was the Master of Ceremony and did an awesome job on the mic (video below). 105 more words

Body And Mind

Kissing statue, San Diego


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I love this sculpture by Seward Johnson. An amazing artist captured this moment between a sailor and nurse after WWII. I can only imagine what this man was "feeling" when he swept this woman up in his arms in real life. It's part of Johnson's Unconditional Surrender series. Feelings are so powerful. ~~~F

6 A Moderate Guess about the Pineal Gland

The immune activity of our body starts from the point where sensor cells judge suspicious matter found in the capillary. However, if we are to judge an object… 608 more words

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5 Pineal Gland and Hypothalamus

The immune system works without rest in order to protect our body from numberless stimuli from the constantly changing environment. And now we know that the bottom line there is to judge whether a certain stimuli will do good or harm to us. 625 more words

Pineal Gland