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Now in my final months of education, I have had many stressful times throughout college and university which a master’s degree causing a level of stress I hadn’t experienced before. 455 more words

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Fabulous hat day!

I’m not a huge fan of social media, I sometimes think it makes more problems than necessary.  There is a constant pressure to be doing fun things, keeping in touch with all your previous work colleagues, uni people etc etc.  466 more words


WWDD - Putting your best face forward...

The last week or so has been hard. Depression and PTSD is a tricky thing.  You think you are doing okay and then BAM! It hits again.You feel on edge.  528 more words

What Would Dita Do?

The finality of death

The night before last I was lying in bed watching series, and as I usually do, I scroll through social media at the same time because I’m a busy child and can’t just focus on one thing at a time. 409 more words

Zillion Challenges- #AtoZChallenge

Zillion Challenges in our daily lives! We all face them. But how many of them do we give our complete best?

When I decided to take up the A to Z Challenge, little did I know that it wasn’t just about blogging every single day of the month. 390 more words

Body And Mind

(E)Xpress Delivery Online! #AtoZChallenge

(E)xpress delivery of practically anything online is possible these days. Seriously, what was almost unthinkable a few years back seems to have become a norm these days. 370 more words

Body And Mind

Parenting journal: Week six/seven check-in

Babies change really fast. When I was getting physical therapy last year, the therapist told me that very young babies’ physical development can be measured by the day, not by the week or month. 999 more words