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Maximising The Old Gym Membership

As I have mentioned numerous times, the first few of months in every year can be a nightmare for us regular gym goers, as overnight the average class attendance doubles or even trebles with well-intentioned part timers making their annual appearances. 1,821 more words

Exercise rules!

My daughter was very confused the other day because I was resting on the couch. If you think “couch”, the first thing that comes to your mind is a picture of dad relaxing, possibly with beer and football game on. 306 more words


Fitness Friday

I started weekend vlogging not long before I started running, and I chronicled my weekly fitness progress in the same post as said vlog, seemingly to keep myself accountable.  206 more words


New Year New Launches

It has been a pretty busy start to this year with my Dryathlon (3rd year running), a new job (starting tomorrow) and of course plenty of training, which of course is not a resolution being that it is nothing new, and will not come to an end on 31st January!). 923 more words

Gym Time: Les Mills

I’ve been attending the gym for a fair few years on and off unfortunately without much dedication at all, however after re-joining a new gym this year I’ve realised the reason for my lack of motivation before, firstly, classes > gym (e.g. 342 more words

Things To Do

23/11 Body Attack

After yesterday’s aerial work I woke up more than a little sore, in fact the back of my knee had the most impressive bruise I’ve probably ever had. 217 more words


One Live Manchester

Towards the end of the Chile Challenge last year I made a fairly major change in my training regime. In the previous few years I had been tended to focus purely on triathlon race training, so lots of swimming, riding and running, which enjoyable as it was, tended to be very much a solo activity. 1,064 more words