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Kit's Health Tips

With my first hot holiday creeping ever closer, I have a matter of six weeks to transform into a victoria secrets model. I joke, this is an impossibility given my height at a megre 5ft2 (and1/2!).  422 more words

Teacher's pet?

You may have already seen this post today, but it’s just too good for me not to share it again!

As the post says, us Group Fitness instructors teach classes because we LOVE it and LOVE coaching and motivating our members…. 73 more words


Uncooperative limb syndrome

I know you are probably thinking ‘this is a fancy way of saying you’re a klutz’ – but alas, you would be incorrect, dear readers! Those of you out there who suspect you may in fact be a klutz, let’s make sure we have your diagnosis correct before we start accusing our limbs, shall we? 858 more words


Run, Sweat, Smile, Repeat!

Since starting this little blog I’ve felt extremely motivated and its having a positive effect on my attitude towards life and my body! I’m loving this feeling at the moment and I just want to stay on the right track, stay focused and enjoy every step of the way to achieving my goals. 825 more words


Shoot for the moon

When I was younger sport and PE lessons were not really my favourites. Although my grades in other subjects were always excellent at school, somehow PE lessons and me were not friends. 128 more words

Sunday Review: Body Attack 87, Body Pump 92 and Body Combat 62

So, I used to schedule any kind of ‘review’ post for a Saturday, but I really wanted to do the latest Les Mills releases several times, and attend classes throughout Saturday and on Sunday morning, before I formed an opinion on them.   1,626 more words


Body Attack: Ultimate Playlist

It’s taken me a lot longer to write this post than my previous ultimate playlists for Body Combat and Body Pump.  This is probably because Attack is a much newer discipline to me, but also due to the fact that there are so few tracks in Attack that I actively dislike.   2,131 more words