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Body Autonomy

A young girl I know has gotten herself into some *very* dangerous situations with men over the last few weeks, mainly because she doesn’t know how to say no. 272 more words


Mind the gap: Fiction and reality

I recently went to a movie here in Cambodia, with two Western friends, and three Cambodian friends. The Movie we went to was ‘Mamma Mia 2’. 1,772 more words

To make a choice

In England, there are currently plans to change the existing ‘opt-in’ organ donations service into an ‘opt-out’ service by 2020. This law is very troubling to me, and it should be for you. 631 more words


Plan B

The very title of the morning after pill outlines the fact that something about Plan A has gone wrong. The scenario which resulted in me needing Plan B was the one which probably incurred the least grief: a split condom. 1,218 more words

Please remove your nose from my womb.

Let me explain (again). I have never wanted children. There may have been an odd moment here and there after a friend has had a child where I’ve considered it and questioned whether I am making the right decision. 1,999 more words

Body Autonomy

Slow dancing in a burning room.

Today is the eight year anniversary of everything changing. Each year I want the day to not exist. I mean…kinda. I still want anything to change. 85 more words

Sex Matters

Sex permeates our society. It was the greatest of mysteries when we were children, the greatest of jokes when we were teenagers, the greatest of quests when we were a little older. 679 more words