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Plan B

The very title of the morning after pill outlines the fact that something about Plan A has gone wrong. The scenario which resulted in me needing Plan B was the one which probably incurred the least grief: a split condom. 1,218 more words

Please remove your nose from my womb.

Let me explain (again). I have never wanted children. There may have been an odd moment here and there after a friend has had a child where I’ve considered it and questioned whether I am making the right decision. 1,999 more words

Body Autonomy

Slow dancing in a burning room.

Today is the eight year anniversary of everything changing. Each year I want the day to not exist. I mean…kinda. I still want anything to change. 85 more words

Sex Matters

Sex permeates our society. It was the greatest of mysteries when we were children, the greatest of jokes when we were teenagers, the greatest of quests when we were a little older. 679 more words


Body Autonomy

About a year ago, my son wanted his hair cut like Daddy’s, not long after Daddy had buzzed his hair for the summer. Daddy took him to get his hair cut, and was repeatedly asked by the stylist if Mom was going to be ok with his hair being shaved off. 248 more words

Silencing the Voice of Conformity

My twelve year old unschooled daughter has been waking up late these days. Around 9 am, the sticky, stubborn residue of conformity whispers in my ear that perhaps I should wake her. 577 more words


Mummy moment #34: Breast is not a dirty word (and neither is penis and vagina)

In conversation with my 6 year-old

M: Mummy I remember when J was small and he was sucking on your…

Me: Sucking on my what luv? 487 more words

Mummy Moments