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Kismet Kiss

What It Is: A premium coconut oil pulling kit from Canadian brand Kismet Essentials. If you just raised an eyebrow or went ‘huh?’ at the words ‘oil pulling’ allow me to explain. 979 more words

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Find of the Month: Present Day

Gift baskets and boxes may have a bit of a fusty reputation – you’re probably picturing something that’s mostly stuffing and waxy-tasting chocolate almonds. That is, until now. 1,023 more words

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Eye Can't Believe It

What It Is: A new gadget from Foreo, who previously made waves with their Luna sonic cleansing brushes. The Iris is, as you might have guessed, specifically designed for your eyes. 159 more words

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Clean Scrub

What It Is: I’ve definitely got kids on the brain this week, what with back-to-school kicking off. With that in mind, I was psyched to learn more about Beautycounter’s cool kids line. 459 more words

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Find of the Month: Sweetgrass Rain

I love when I get connected with a new brand that finds out about the Canadian Gift Guide! That’s exactly what happened with September’s featured brand – Sweetgrass Rain actually spotted this lil’ blog on the interwebs and upon some mutual backpatting, I was excited to have the chance to feature them on my blog. 951 more words

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The Better Bunch

Today I’m super excited to introduce you guys to another fab natural beauty brand, Annmarie. As you know, I’m a pretty big proponent for natural beauty products – and I love the story behind this one. 814 more words

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Find of the Month: Egyptian Magic

We’re heading into the final hazy days of summer! I can hardly believe it. My big find of the month gift idea is an essential item if you’ve been lazing in the sun for the last two months – and it works just as well for getting you through the chilly, blistering cold Canadian winters. 784 more words

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