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Distilling Happiness: Roger & Gallet Brings 150 Years of Luxury to Sephora

What It Is: Canada’s not the only one that makes 150 look good. Well technically, Roger & Gallet is actually a little older than us – this luxe Parisan brand dates back to 1862, and it’s rumored the likes of Napoleon was a fan of the brand’s artfully blended fragrances. 238 more words

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Breathe With Me: MONQ Wants To Change Your Mood

What It Is: Aromatherapy has come a long way in my lifetime. I’ve grown up knowing that lavender is relaxing and bergamot is invigorating (thanks mom), but for many folks, the idea that aromas can change your mood is still relatively novel and new – hence the array of shops dedicated to scent products in the last few years. 659 more words

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Glow for It: Fitglow is the Natural Beauty Brand of Your Dreams

What It Is: We all know that I love my natural beauty brands – and I’m even more enamored with ones based right here in Canada. 186 more words

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Brain and Body Break

Been working long hours to get prepared for my middle sons open house.

Having a chronic pain autoimmune flare up.

Taking tonight off!

See you tomorrow.

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R&R Dad Style: Gift Ideas to Give Dad a Break This Father's Day

Last month for Mother’s Day I did a mom’s retreat gift guide, filled with gift ideas to give mom a much-needed spa day at home. 672 more words

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Simply Smooth: Truefitt & Hill Is a Perpetual Winner for Father's Day

If you haven’t left your house lately, then you might not have noticed the bounty of signs and ads promoting awesome Father’s Day gift ideas. And well, I have a few too, including… 551 more words

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You Grow Girl: Viviscal's Hair Care Line is a Must-Have for Wedding Season

What It Is: I’ve written about Viviscal before; a brand committed to helping women and men love their hair. Now the brand has expanded with a ‘wet line’ trio of products designed to work in tandem to give you the appearance of luxe, thick, shiny hair – perfect after days spent frying it in the sun when you’re coming up on wedding season. 414 more words

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